Why Interviewing Officers Do Not Recommend Candidate’s Based On Sympathy?

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Why Interviewing Officers Do Not Recommend Candidate’s Based On Sympathy?




As we see nowadays there is an increasing trend of youngsters now wanting to join the Indian Defence Forces.  This sudden jump towards joining the Indian Defence Forces and donning the olive green uniform has come in due to a number of factors which are now pushing youngsters into the defence Services.

The defence forces offer a path full of discipline and challenges which continues through out your journey in the defence forces. A lot many aspirants want to make it into the FAUJ and don the olive-green dress and it becomes a distant dream for some as they do not get selected into the forces, because of not performing optimal to their own potential . I personally would like not to use the word failure in an SSB because at times a candidate with a lot of potential is not able to perform to his optimal performance.

Well for all these candidates my only suggestion is never back down and let the past not be an obstacle.
Now moving to the main question. Asked by one of the students at the Academy

Why Interviewing Officers Do Not Recommend Candidate’s Based On Sympathy?

Well to him and to all of you the answer lies very simply in the question itself . The word Sympathy does not find its space in the defence services, as sympathy at the time of selection might lead to complications at the latter stages of life of an individual in the Services. Being a part of the services you look to not bring a excuse which garners sympathy you work on, despite of meagre resources and the most difficult situation that brings about a MAN out of a young BOY.
Well to explain this question better let me give you an example.
A young cadet is assigned a responsibility during his training days, so any mistake he/she does they tend to get  a punishment for it. If that time the punishment was not there a person would not learn much from it.

Now talking in terms of the I.O.’s point of view he wants to see an individual who with no matter how difficult the times have been has been able to overcome those situation and has/her been able to work with those situations along with. He does not want to see someone who tends to seeks sympathy for the situations that have surrounded him/her during one’s life and that is the reason why the individual is not able to do/achieve/ in his/her life time.
The I.O. in clear and simple words wants to see a MAN and not someone who hides behind some sympathy factor.

Therefore these no compromise which is followed in the election factor of a candidate at the SSB process from any of the officers involved.

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