There is a lot of doubt in the minds of the candidates who are appearing for the SSB Interview as to whether one should speak in Hindi or use English as a medium during their Interviews or GTO’S. Well let us start with what is the SSb process its not a one day process but a well structured 5 days process which tends to bring out the true personality of an Indivisual.

Most of us are very fluent while speaking in Hindi but when it comes to English most of us fetter out, we do not use much of English while talking to our friends, we tend to speak English only when we are required to deal with someone formally be it our elders,someone new, our boss, our teachers or any of the people we work with. Todays youth is now struck in between in both a combination of English and Hindi which me may call as Hinglish, which at times has been the root cause for spooling the grammar and hence has made our Normal language full of slang language. But, now coming to SSB  Interviews it is advised that one should use English while narrating something and then he/she can speak in Hindi whenever one gets stuck but one should come back to English as  quickly as possible .

A lot of candidates come up to us asking whether they can speak in Hindi or not. The Answer to this is a simple no.  The strict instructions thats are followed at the SSB process is and even instructed by the GTO’s and the I.O.’s is for a candidate to speak in English and wherever he/she gets stuck one can speak in Hindi and they specifically mention to come back again in English .

Lets, talk about the back drop of the complete SSB course on the very first day you will have PPDT conducted on the very first day, the story will be written in English alone and not in Hindi, but while one is narrating the same set of instruction mentioned earlier (a candidate to speak in English and wherever he/she gets stuck one can speak in Hindi and they specifically mention to come back again in English) so this stage means one has to be good in expressing himself to do well. This means one needs to speak some bits in English for sure and there is no point in discussion in Hindi or any regional language .

When a candidate makes through screening, he has to face Psychological test on the second day he is supposed to write his responses in English again in the booklet supplied to you. Now lets talk about the GTO part of the SSB it consists lecturette, group discussion and military planning where one needs to speak and give his view points again in lectures, military planning and group discussion the G.T.O. will again give the same set of instructions . The candidate is advised not loose his confidence and speak with gay abandon with mixtures of Hindi words in between, but make sure you speak with full confidence. for example “ One can speak like yes chest no . 43 get this fatta here place in it on the pat and move forward” . Speaking the complete sentence in one full flow will help you without hesitation.

Same is the case in the Interview and the conference where the Interviewing Officer will be asking you questions in English only. Hence in the complete SSb interview process please speak as much  as you can in English and not any other language. Make sure you start practicing on speaking in English much in advance and are well versed with it .

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