Lets first give you an insight into the Group Planning Exercise . First of all the aspirants are properly briefed about the task in hand, while they are sitting in a semi circle formation with the map/model placed between them.. It has some stages attached to it …

First the G.T.O. gives an introduction to the model in
It is an indoor task. All the participants are briefed about the task while they are sitting in a horse shoe formation with the map/modal placed between them. There are five stages.

The G.T.O introduces the candidates to the map or the model in a very basic approach
The G.T.O. then tends to read out a story and connects it with the model in front of the students. The story has some set of problems which the aspirants have to find a solution in their approach
The very same story card which is read out by the G.T.O. is handed over to the aspirants so that they can read and get a basic understanding of it in five minutes time.
The aspirants are then given 10 minutes to make their individual story and also to make a plan accordingly
Once the ideas are written down, the group of the aspirants are made to have a discussion on their respective ideas, so that a common plan can be worked out.

After a common workable idea has been agreed on, one of the aspirants out of the group narrates the same to the G.T.O on behalf of the group.

What could be the types of problems associated with the G.P.E.

One of the problems given generally could be that one of the person might be injured and his injuries might be fatal
In addition to that there will be two to three other problems having greater enormity
The final problem may be a clue or piece of information which is or is intended to be misleading or distracting. example, Bomb explosion in any public explosion in public transport
Looting of marriage party, bank etc.
A person is kidnapped

What is the G.T.O. looking in the group Planning Exercise
(1)Has an aspirant been able to get a clear idea of the overall situation?
(2)Has the aspirant been able to process and seek the problem in detail?
(3)Has the aspirant been able to divide the  work properly amongst his team mates
(4)Has the aspirant been able to sketch the problems in the right way possible or able to arrange in order of priority?
(5)Has the aspirant been able to overcome the problems in a proper channelized way ?
(6) Is the Aspirant been able to put across his ideas in the right effective way in the group discussion which follows.
(7) Was the Aspirants open to accept others idea or not ?
(8) How was the aspirants approach towards reaching the final outcome (was he/she adamant or showing flexibly towards achieving the final plan)

Tips to CRACK for GPE:-

(a)the aspirant must have good understanding of the map and find resources to help you
(b)One needs to be very attentive and hear all the points that G.T.O. is speaking in his/her head
(c) When the narration is being given to the apirants, he /she should remain composed and not correlate the given difficulty to the time of it appearing
(d) Prioritise the challenges logically and divide proper resources to each challenge
(e) While writing the plan do not be too garrulous
(f) During group discussion be open to all the candidates ideas and plans
(g) Give logical reasoning to your solutions
(h) During the final narration be clear and loud and make sure you speak in a proper order.

You may also see the video relating to G.P.E. by Col. Sharma a former G.T.O.  explaining it to the candidates

Team NCA