How can one master the art of lecturette

The candidates are made to sit on a squad post and the GTO gives a briefing to  them on the Task in hand . All candidates have to speak a lecture for maximum of 3minutes each and the time to prepare on the topic is also three minutes.

What does the GTO expect out of you?
In the lecturete the GTO would observe about the candidate’s clarity of thought process, his/her power to express himself/herself,the depth of knowledge, amount of confidence one has etc.

Process of Lecturette:-
The students are made to to sit in a semi-circle. The GTO tends to sit in front/behind the candidates.
Then the GTO will provide a set of cards in front of the candidates.
The candidates will have to pick one card from that set of cards and will be given three minutes to prepare on any topic mentioned on those cards.
There will be four topics on each card(one is tough while two other are medium and one will be easy).
As the first candidate gets ready to give a lecturette. Other candidates maybe asked to give a brief introduction about themselves.
As the first candidate arrives to give a lecture the next candidate picks the card and starts preparing and this process continues.
As The first candidate start his lecturette. After 21/2 minutes the GTO will ring a bell to make aware the candidate that his time is almost finished and hence he/she should some up their lecturette.
After 3minutes are over the GTO rings the bell again, indicating the time is up and the second candidate should start with the topic.
The next candidate now takes his/her place and then starts with the lecturette.

Body language required during lecturette
1.Stand with your shoulders square and chest in upright position.
2.Keep your hands at the back and avoid making any movement.
3.Avoid any movements of legs or knees
4.Maintain eye contact with all the candidates but never make eye contact with the GTO during the exercise
5.Keep a smile on while speaking on a topic
6.Keep calm and do not be nervous.
7.Maintain reasonably loud pitch.Make sure you add high and lows in your speech do not keep the tone monotonus,

How can one Prepare for the Lecturette:-
a)The candidates should practice giving 2-3 lecturettes every day
b)Stand in front of the mirror and speak to yourself maintaing eye contact
c)One should read newspaper regularly
d) One can search on internet about certain topics

1.Power of Press
2. Women at the society
3. Recycling of waste
4. Is china a threat for our nation.
5. Freedom movement of nation
6. Co-Education
7. War in Sri Lanka, Libya
8, Compulsory Military Training
9. Corruption and its remedy
10. Is Pakistan a Failed state…