body language one must maintain at the ssb

What body language should one maintain at the S.S.B.?

body language one must maintain at the ssb

body language one must maintain at the ssb

How much affect does Body Language make in personal Interview ?

Body language plays a very important role in the SSB INTERVIEW process.  Experts generally acknowledge that more than 93% of our nonverbal communications plays a very pivotal role in this process.  Sitting in proper manner, also one should not shake his/her hands, fingers, or legs during the whole process.  The officer matches the response from your mouth to the body language while you are showing at that  the time.  Also one must needs to try have a proper eye contact with the I.O. .  One must Keep his breath pretty normal and relaxed .
For these above stated actions to be normal, the one and only way is for  a person needs to be completely truthful to oneself and to the IO.  Since if one is honest, then your reply will also be bold and spontaneous.

Now the Question comes what makes the Body Language.

This part is the very very important part for the selection of a candidate for the SSB process.  As this shows many of the qualities to the official who is officiating. There are some of the do’s and dont’s one needs to follow during this process they are as following

One should Never use fingers to scratch his/her eyes,nose or mouth while making a conversation with the official.  It will show to him a negative quality also show to him that you might be a liar.
One should not try to look at the eyes of the official and not to look at their own body.  This may irritate the official.
One should avoid shaking legs, and hands during the conversation.
One should not  look at the exit door of the interviewing hall, as this shows that you are eagerly waiting for the conversation to end.
One should never insert their legs in between the chair, as this also shows your disinterest in the whole process.
One should Place both the hands over the knee area and do not in any way start scratching with them.


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