officer like qualities

What Are Officer Like Qualities? Explained ..

ssb officers like qualities ncaacademy

ssb officers like qualities ncaacademy

The three assessors at the SSB Board are there to check the same 15 officers like qualities using their respective tools and techniques, which are drawn from the various tasks at the S.S.B. . It is important for one  to know what is one getting tested for at the SSB.

There are Fifteen Officer like Qualities which an aspirant must posses they are as following.

Officers Like Qualities Explained

Social Adjustment:

    Social adaptability: ability of a person so that he/she can  adapt himself to the social environment and can gel well with the other persons and social groups.
    Cooperation: It is the attitude which an individual needs to participate with willingly and  in harmony with others members in a group so that he/she can achieve the goal for the group.
    Sense of Responsibility: It is the complete understanding of the various values of duty, social and of what is expected of an individual and then by channelising his/her energy and attention.

Planning and Organizing:

    Effective Intelligence: It is the ability of a individual to evolve answers  to the challenging problems.
    Reasoning Ability: It is the ability of a individual to understand a given situation and arrive at the conclusion with a sense of rational thinking.
    Organizing Ability: It is the ability of an individual to use the limited resources in an ordered manner to produce the desired result.
    Power of Expression: It is the ability of an individual to put in front one’s though process with ease and clarity.

Social Effectiveness:

    Initiative:  An individual ability to start something new or take the lead.
   Self Confidence: It is the ability of an individual to have faith in one owns abilities to meet and face unfamiliar conditions.
    Speed of Decision: It is an ability of an individual to arrive at correct practical decision with ease.
    Ability to influence the group: It is the ability of a individual that enables him/her to get efforts from others so as to achieve all the objectives which are set by the individual.
    Liveliness: It is the ability of a individual to remain happy when faced with challenges to bring about a happy  atmosphere in the group.


    Determination: It is the ability of an individual to put in continuous efforts so as to achieve goals in spite of the numerous throwbacks/setbacks and obstacles one faces.
    Courage:It is the ability of an individual to take risks at times when they are most required.
    Stamina: It is the ability of an individual to keep going through physical and mental fatigue without giving up.

One must try to perform as per the above mentioned 15 OLQ’s and show these qualities during their performance in various tasks done during the GTO, Psychology and Personal Interview.



Capt. N.S. Dhaliwal


Director New Careers Academy



Capt. Dhaliwal has been an mentor at the New Careers Academy for the past 35 years, he has been producing results for the time immemorial and has even taught 3 generations into the services.. With the whole family also getting through him. He is revered in Psychology, and he asses the candidates on their individual psychology and not mugged up psychology. He is preemptive in judging candidates on the basis of their Psychology and can help alter ones personality.