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Union Budget 2018-19 dealing with Rural Health & Infrastructure

Union Budget 2018-19 dealing with Rural Health 



Union budget 2018-19
Rural health and infrastructure
Rural areas account for a large part of the geographical area of india. The rural sector is therefore of utmost importance to the Indian economy .the potential of the rural and agricultural sector only be harnessed with proper access to rural in infrastructure like rural roads,markets,electricity water and irrigation facilities. The aspect of rural health also needs due attention.
Rural health
A government funded health care programme titled national health protection scheme has been announced .it aims to cover over 10 crore poor and vulnerable families providing coverage of up 5 lakh rupees per family per year for secondary and tertiary care hospitalization.

The budget has also allocated 1200 crores for the national health policy .2017.the development of1.5 lakh health and wellness centres will bring health care system closer to the homes of people.
Rural housing
The budget provides for constitution of 49 lakh houses in the year 2018-19 under the pradhan mantra awas yojana(gramin scheme exclusively for rural areas.
The ministry of rural development (MORD) is the implementing agency.
This move will provide further impeteus to the construction sector and boost economic of required raw and material and employment of skilled and unskilled manual labourers.
Rural roads.
The pradhan mantra gram sadak yojana,under the MORD has developed a wide road network in the last few decades. A considerable amount has been allocated to the scheme
In this year’s budget as well. The target date for completion of phaseIII has been brought forward.from 2022 to 2019.rural road connectivity to agricultural and rural markets,higher secondary schools and hospitals would be the focus. Thius skilled and semi-skilled involved in construction of roads.
The ambitions bharatmala pariyojana (under the ministry of road transport and highways is a new umbrella program
For the highways sector that focuses on optimizing the efficiency of freight and passenger movement across the country by bridging critical infrastructure gaps. It aims to provide seamless connectivity to interior and backward areas and border areas of the country.
Rural drinking water and sanitation
The government has set a target of providing 2 crore toilets under the swachh bharat mission in 2018-19.this intiative is supposed to improve and protect the beauty and ethnicity of these rural areas.
The budget also provides for infrastructure creation through piped water supply schemes and community water purification plants under national rural drinking water programme under the ministry of drinking water and sanitation .
Rural broadband
Under bharat net project implemented by the ministry of communication,the target is to connect all 2.5 lakh gram panchayats with broadband connectivity under phase-1 connecting one lakh gram panchayats through high speed optical fibre network has been completed.
Provisions have been made in the budget for further creation and augmentation of the telecom infrastructure.
Rural agricultural market
The budget 2018 is unique in terms of strengthening the market driven system instead of focusing on the supply side agricultural production. The setting up o rural markets and connecting the agricultural markets through national agricultural market are some of the measures to transform the agrarian society into a relatively commercial society.
The budget envisages to develop and upgrade the existing 22,000 rural haats to into gramin of the interests of more than 86% small and marginal farmers. These GrAMs
Electronically linked to e-NAM and exempted from regulations of agricultural produce market committee will provide facility to farmers to make direct sale to consumers and bulk purchases.
Organic farming by farner producer organization and village producer’s organization in large clusters will be encouraged.
On the lines of operation flood,a new scheme operation greens was announced to address the challenges of price volatility of perishable commodities like tomato, onion and potato with the satisfication of both the farmers and consumers.
The budget announced the gobar dhan yojana which will help in keeping the village clean while icreasing the income of farmers and cattle herders. It also announced an online trading platform to connect farmers to buyers agricultural waste facilitating the scheme.



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