The Candidates who are repeaters can be classified into two type one who is screened out and the other who is conferenced out both have some important tips to follow to be successful in the upcoming SSB Interviews .

Now the Important thing to be noted is that the candidate who are just screened out will be considered  more or less as freshers as they have not gone throughout the entire SSB selection process

Tips as to how one can avoid being screened out are as following:

1. This could be due to ones poor performance in OIR (Officers Intelligence rating test) . The solution one can figure out is work on these test more and more, there is no substitute to handwork and one can always be successful with such an approach.

2. The second issue a lot of candidates face is is speaking in English. Hence, one needs to improve his communication skills. The solution tot this problem is very simple a candidate should read out newspaper loudly daily(English Newspaper, preferably the Tribune or The Hindu) and make sure you are reading and writing, more and more in English.

3.   Do not be away from the group or someone who breaks the group. The major tip to this problem is one needs to listen to others, be an effective listener, do not shout on others, give only proper points, do not try to jump the Que and talk in between and be disruptive member of the group.

4. One should have knowledge about the SSB procedure completely

The Interview is not one day course but over five days. It is not like a regular interview also. Most of the selected candidates make this mistake. They fail to know about the SSB procedures.

Know more about tests such as WAT (Word Association Test), SRT (Situation Reaction Test) etc. Know when you’ll face such tests, what these tests are all about etc.

5. After following tip no 4, do good practice

Okay, I hope that you’ll follow tip 4 religiously. After doing that, make sure that you go on a quality ‘practice session’. Knowing these tests closer is a very key part, but practicing them is even more better.

6. Do Current Affairs Rigorously

This is what many candidates ignore. The candidates practices all the other tests, but they leave behind Current Affairs. Having good general awareness and knowledge of current affairs is always an added bonus.

7. Things one should have complete knowledge about-

All SSB interviews emphasize on some common topics. These common topics are- India, Indian Politics, History of India, India and its current affairs, Armed Forces in India etc. Questions about these topics are almost always asked during personal interviews, group discussion etc.

8. Make sure your Technical/ Academic knowledge is up to date

Doing so will come handy during the personal interview. Many times, interviewers go for such technical questions. If you are a 12th standard passed/appearing student, the interviewer may ask questions related to your studies. For example, I was asked this question- ‘On what principle does the cricket ball swing?’.

9. Knowledge about your native place(city/town) as well as state

One should have complete knowledge of his native place.Questions related to them are often asked during the personal Interview at the service selection board.

10 Maintain good Fitness standards
This aspect cant be ignored. There is a whole ‘obstacles round’, where your physical prowess will be put to test! So, one needs to maintain basic level of fitness level which one needs to maintain.

These are the top 10 tips that  we wanted to share with you all. We believe by doing this one can surely get a step closer in Cracking the SSB. Also learn as much as you can from your stay at the SSB Center, make sure you are focused on the task in hand and do not think about the task which has been done and of the task which will take place. One needs to concentrate on the bulls eye and not be distracted. Give your best in every task there . We At NCA are always there to help

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