Tips for Better Performance in Lecturette At the S.S.B.


Tips for Better Performance in Lecturette At the S.S.B.

Lecturette is one of the important tasks of the GTO series, it allows the GTO to test various qualities in the Candidates

The assessor looks for the following inputs:

1) A candidates delivery and ease in speech

2)The candidate should remain calm and have a boisterous voice.

3) Proper synchronised thoughts

4) One should be confident while delivering on the topic and make proper eye contact with all

5) The ideas delivered on the topic should be pertaining to the topic and not away from the topic

6) One should not be talking against the authorities but give a neutral view point. Negative views are to be negated or avoided.

7) One should not get perturbed if one forgets something, but take a deep breath for a second and one needs to get back to speaking even more effectively.

Points which are to be kept in mind Lecturette:

1) One should have knowledge of the topic, hence chose a topic which you know and hence have  knowledge about that topic fully.

2) Make sure you make relevant points regarding the topic.

3) Put forward some questions to yourself before you start the topic as in what does the topic mean, various point related to the topic whats is the past/present/future state. Things that can help build up the topic. Reason with the topic.

4) As they say well begun is half done similar introduce your topic well and give it a even better ending.

5) In case you are not able to complete the full 3 minutes, make sure you conclude the topic and sit down rather than you keep speaking things which are irrelevant,

6) If you have knowledge of some statistical data you can make use of that and mention it in your topic. Please make sure you do not give wrong information.

7) Make sure you introduce a high and low monotone to capture the attentiveness of other listeners.

What Can one do for self evaluation/preparation?

Read as much as you can and be well informed. One can prepare by reading and writing down about everyday Newspapers and information from various books one can find. Remember Knowledge can increased infinitely and remember you can achieve whatever you want to achieve.

2) Make sure you prepare on two-three topic and you speak them in front of wither your family/friends or mirror make sure you make eye contact at all stages.

3) Make sure you speak to as many people as possible do not keep confined and let your personality grow as much possible.

4) And, at last once you have set up some base you can join the best ssb coaching center which can help you guide and work on to caress your mistakes and make you a proper finished product.

And that is exact ally the philosophy we follow at NCA New Careers Academy.

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