Introduction to the SSB Interview

The selection of the candidates to the Armed Forces is carried out by the service selection board (S.S.B’s) located at the various centres in the country. To select the best candidates who are to be part of elite defence services.The procedure adopted at the S.S.B. is based on purely scientific techniques and aims at drawing out the true traits of the candidates. its is spread over a period of five days and the techniques adopted are:

  • Interview Tips.
  • Group Testing Technique.
  • Psychological Technique.

The above techniques asses the candidates independently are carried out by different assessors. Though the techniques are different but these are looking for the same quality in each candidate.

For the betterment of students appearing for SSB Interviews

  • Interview Technique:- As mentioned earlier in the SSB Interviews the Interview part will be carried out by the Interviewing Officer, on either the Psychology Test or on GTO 1 or GTO 2 day . The candidates will initially be required to fill up the PIQ form. (Personnel Information Questionnaire) on the day of the documentation. This is generally the bio data of the candidates. The Interviewing Officer would have read this and based on the details ask questions to the candidate. During the Interview interaction will take place between the I.O. and the candidate. The candidates should dress up formally for the interview and be confident during the Interview. Be attentive and absolutely truthful. Do not make false statement or beat around the bush, usually the interview may last about 40 minutes. Answer to the best of your ability.
  • G.T.O. Technique :- In this technique there would be groups made amongst the candidates and for each group. A GTO would be the assessor the candidates function in a group during this technique. Each candidate should participate actively in both outdoor as well as indoor task. Some physical activity and task would be there like individual obstacles and group obstacles.
  • Psychological Technique :- The candidate should be attentive and focused on each test being administered to them. Listen to the briefing given by the psychologist before the commencement of each test so that you do no miss out on important aspect, be quick in the assimilation of the questions and write legible .

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