SSB Interview Related Information

SSB Interview Related Information

SSB Stands for service selection board and this interview is for the career in Indian Armed Forces to get in army as a commissioned officer. There is a complete procedure for selection and interview is carried for four to five days, stages are there where in each stage pattern of selection is already prescribed and candidate needs to report at interview place at the commencement of stage 1 before a day. Once you report there, duty officer provides introductory talk, explain administrative details, code of conduct and Do’s & Dont’s at selection center.


After arrival day, the main gate of SSB Interview is faced by everyone and it is 5 day interview schedule. These test patterns are for assessing the various shades of personality and the general 5 days schedule are mentioned below:

  • Day-1(Stage-1):

Following tests are conducted at stage-1 and they are:

  1. Intelligence test: a) Verbal b) Non- Verbal
  2. Picture perception and description test.
  3. Discussion of the picture (30 minutes duration).
  • Day-2(Stage-2):

Psychological test includes the following:

  1. Thematic Apperception Test
  2. Word Association Test
  3. Situation Reaction Test
  4. Self Description Test
  • Day-3(Stage-3):

Stage-3 includes Group test and the following test are:

  1. Group Discussion.
  2. Group Planning Exercise.
  3. Progressive Group Test.
  4. Group Obstacle Race.
  5. Half group task.


  • Day-4(Stage-4):

Stage-4 includes the following test:

Stage-4 is group test again that is second day of group test:

  1. Individual Obstacles
  2. Command Task
  3. Final Group Task
  • Day-5(Stage-5):

It includes the following test:

  1. Closing Address
  2. Conference
  3. Announcement of results
  4. Dispersal

Tips for success in SSB:

  • Believe in yourself and be confident at every stage of selection.
  • Never look at officials while performing the task, just be focus at your goal
  • In group discussion, don’t argue instead of that make your points clear to others
  • Be cool and relaxed, and participate 3 to 4 times with proper body languages, definitely while doing this you make your chances high of getting in.

Keep smiling and walk ahead without discussing about any stage.

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