SSB Coaching Preparation: NCA Academy offers SSB Interview Coaching to aspirants across India

To be the one of officers in Indian Army, one needs to go through SSB interview and crack it with good score. From the past 54 years, NCA Academy is  the best ssb  coaching institutes in India that provide ample of knowledge for SSB interview. NCA Academy constitutes with the well-versed professional faculty to train students for cracking this hurdle for bright future ahead. Faculty in SSB Coaching is experienced defence officers tender and charismatic who help out students by achieving an excellent and invincible memorandum by imparting best of knowledge for SSB interviews. Join the Best SSB Coaching Academy in India and Become an Officer. 

SSB Interview Coaching

SSB Interview Coaching at New Careers Academy

About the Academy and its working schedule for SSB Interview. NEW CAREERS ACADEMY is over 53 years old and has made a mark in India specially is SSB Interviews and written exams for CDS and NDA. This institution is in capable hands of highly qualified Retried Army Officers.

Academy is proud of being better equipped than any other academy in India. Our fees are minimum possible . With the low fees, we coach you full for 14 days even on Sundays and for more number of hours. We provided hundred hours of solid coaching under similar condition that prevail at SSB Interview what makes NCA the best SSB Coaching Institute in Chandigarh? Is that we give proper attention to each candidate and provide them with exact outlook that is required at SSB, we train candidates according to the standards which are required to clear the SSB interviews.

The institute is in the able hands of Capt. Dhaliwal along with Col Sharma and a team of experts. We Don’t believe and giving up a crammed approach for the SSB .We believe in providing the inherent qualities or inborn quality of the candidate outside and make him work upon his shortcomings. Individual attention is given to each candidate in terms of psychology and interview as it is the duty of testing activities. A large number of candidates are rejected in the first stage i.e. is the Screening Test for a reason they are not able to speak up and have low confidence. Join in and learn from the experts at the best ssb coaching in india at NCA and get recommended. ssb interview coaching

This can only be inculcated each candidate is given adequate amount of time and given self attention. The testing halls at the academy are fully air conditioned . and all the tests are taken just like the tests examined at the SSB coaching centres across India. The candidates are provided with spacious hostels and proper food is given. In addition to this we have state of the art facilities for the outdoors as well as stimulators for CPSS for all candidates appearing for Army Navy and air force.

NDA SSB  Coaching Classes at NCA Academy

NCA Academy is one of the oldest and best academies for Services Selection Board (SSB) interviews. The NCA Academy imparts training for all tests conducted in the 5-day SSB interview including Interview, Outdoor and Psychological Tests, Group Discussions etc. The academy has 54 years of experience in this field.

54 years of excellence in NDA SSB and CDS SSB Interview Coaching

NDA SSB coaching at NCA Academy helps you take your dream to reality. If you are aspiring to join Armed Forces of India and serve the nation with pride, then undoubtedly you are in the right hands. With a team of experienced trainers, we are committed to providing experiential training on the GTO training ground with written coaching for NDA and CDS exams.

We have trained thousands of candidates since 1967 and understand the rigours involved in passing these examinations. We offer best-in-class preparatory programs that will help you ace your NDA SSB interview and CDS SSB interview and get selected into one of the three Armed Forces – Indian Army, Indian Air Force or Indian Navy.

NDA SSB Interview Coaching India

What Makes NCA The Best NDA/CDS Best SSB coaching in  India?

With hundreds of SSB coaching institutes, do you know what makes NCA Academy the best SSB coaching institute in India? It is our commitment towards providing experiential training on a 100 percent look-alike GTO training ground, as is seen in the SSB along with NDA / CDS written coaching. 

The details are as under:

Intelligence tests (Verbal & Non Verbal) 10 hours O.I.R. Officer Intelligence Rating Test
The very first day a candidate is made to go through O.I.R’s and based upon this it is determined that if he or she gets to stay at the Ssb Interview and clear his screening test . We will discuss and also help you improve on your verbal and non-verbal tests.
Screening Test [Briefing, PPDT Story Writing , Followed by Group Discussion and Feedback ] 15 hours
First day the candidates are made to go through the screening test which consists of a picture shown for 30 seconds. The picture maybe blurred or maybe clear. The candidates are to write a story on the picture that they see. Once they have written the picture they have to speak for a minimum of one minute in a group. And, finally after each candidate has spoken . The group needs to come to a conclusion. We at NCA, make sure that each candidate goes through at least 12 PPDT each one gets to speak a story and inputs are given how can one improve speaking, thinking and convincing power in himself.
Interviews [10 hours]

1/3 part of the testing technique consists of interviews which is taken by the incoming officer. This is the only test in which the assessor has individual time with the assessee. The interviewing technique Will assess the different OLQ’s in you and help the assessor get different skills sets out of you. We at new careers academy first goes through mock interviews and then go through personal interviews so that helps you assess and make your answers better take out the right answer from you and helps you avoid those wrong answers. Individual attention is paid on each candidate and help him in improving his interview technique.

Filling of P.I.Q. form [Personal Interview Questionnaire] (5 Hours)

PIQ forms an integral part of the SSB interview. The assessor peruses through a candidates P.I.Q [Personal Interview Questionnaire] and based on that the assessor will ask certain questions of the candidate and a certain the officer like qualities that a candidate must possess. Hence, it’s an integral and a very important part of the interview.

Psychology Testing Techniques [40 Hours] (WAT, TAT, SRT and SELF- DESCRIPTION )

This deals with conducting tests, reasoning out with candidates for the responses and discussion with all the candidates regarding the responses. Each candidate speaks thinks and writes in a different way. Analysis of each candidate would be different and the approach towards each candidate needs to be different. As more analysis are done by the third set each candidate is pretty much set on course to display the officer like qualities required in the SSB interview. When it comes to improvement and your own thought creation nobody does it better than the instructors at the NCA.

GTO Tasks Indoor Activities Speeches, Group Discussions, Military Planning Exercise [20 Hours]

We at NCA have divided the GTO tasks into two groups one related to the indoor activities and other related to the outdoor activities. In the indoor activities comes speeches military planning and group discussions. Assessors at the SSB look into your content your power of expression, confidence, ability to convince the group, reasoning ability, leadership qualities etc. Each candidate needs to have certain information imbibe good body language and make you confident enough to the lead the group at the SSB Interviews.

GTO Tasks Outdoor ( Briefing, Individual Obstacles, PGT, Half group Task, Command Task , Planning for Upcoming Obstacles Scientific approach ones needs to follow, while conducting the task and what how the assessor tests ) 20 hours

Providing General Knowledge and discussing them to improve and enhance on your overall personality (10 Hours )

To gain a holistic approach towards SSB candidate needs to be aware of the surroundings the world and the country. To take part in group discussions, interviews, answering questions in interviews related to current affairs or Tackling speeches speeches related to present the affairs. Candidate preparing for SSB interview needs to be well aware of the current geopolitical conditions as well as effects and future prospects of these geopolitical conditions. Once you have knowledge, a candidate gains confidence and is able to speak impromptu and speak pertinent points and help the assessor note down the context of the candidate. No assesses can pass without having information of the world around him. We at NCA focus on such aspects and help you gain confidence so that you are able to dominate the group and show the knowledge that you gained.

Final Summing up and clarification of doubts (5 hours).

SSB Coaching Schedule and Fee Structure:

Admission Fees
Rs. 500
Tuition Fees
Rs.10,000 (Course Duration Two Weeks)
PABT and CPSS Fees
Rs. 1000
Hostel and Messing Fees
Rs. 350 per day
*The students are instructed to get a seat registered by paying rupees thousand as only 20 seats are kept. Per batch .
*New batches start every Monday and the course continues for a period of two weeks.
*The candidates are required to carry a negative covid report or certificate of the inoculation at the time of joining.
*Also need to carry out PT kit along with the bedsheets and pillows.