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New Careers Academy is offering SSB Coaching for aspirants across india. Since 1967, we have been providing Defense Exam Coaching with 38000 success stories with 2nd and 3rd generation officers.

Live Interactive Classes for SSB. Join the top assessors former GTO’s, I.O.’s and Psychologist to lead you to a path of success. Get personal Inputs for the same.  Stay Home and qualify your SSB Interview. New Batches start every Monday . 90 % section rate in screening.(Due to Covid at the ssb present screening rate is 10%) #3 Success stories last week for TES/AFCAT/TGC.20 seats only. Get registered now for next batch. 
Remember SSB is assessing your qualities. The more you speak more you improve, less you speak lesser chances of improvement and assessing . That is the reason we keep 20 students in a batch 

CDS Coaching India

CDS Coaching India

SSB Interview as, it stands for “Service Selection Board” and plays a major role to impart commission as an officer for Indian Armed Forces. It is considered as a selection procedure that includes:

  • Personality
  • Intelligence Interview

SSB Interview Preparation

To be the one of officers in Indian Army, one needs to go through SSB interview and crack it with good score. From the past 48 years, NCA Academy is one of the best coaching institutes in India that provide ample of knowledge for SSB interview. NCA academy constitutes with the well-versed professional faculty to train students for cracking this hurdle for bright future ahead. Faculty in SSB Coaching is experienced defence officers tender and charismatic who help out students by achieving an excellent and invincible memorandum by imparting best of knowledge for SSB interviews.

SSB Online Coaching India

Online SSB Interview Observation

SSB Online Coaching Classes

A live Online Class By Col.Sharma

SSB Interview Coaching India

Know All About P.P.D.T. at the SSB Interview 

SSB Coaching India

How Many SRT’s does one need to clear the SSB Interview ?

Best SSB Online Coaching India

A boy who is now an officer who cleared his ssb from us visiting us.

Online SSB Coaching India

A boy who cleared his SSB Interview twice giving his Inputs About NCA 

SSB coaching for commissioned officer entry in Indian Armed Forces includes the entire psychological test, group discussions, screening test and many other outdoor activities as we have special experts to guide in particular field. We help out candidates for identifying their shortcomings and then to overcome with their weakness so that, one can come out with best during interview. As, we know that bookish language is not enough to crack this interview so we do provide:

  • Speeches
  • Interviews
  • Indoor Planning
  • Group Tasks
  • Pointing out good and bad points
  • Screening Test
  • Individual Obstacles
  • Communication Skill in English.

Schedhule of SSB Coaching

  • Filling in of P.I.Q. Form 1 hr.
  • Intelligence tests (Verbal & Non Verbal) 10 hrs.
  • Interviews 10 hrs.
  • Speeches 8 hrs.
  • Group Discussions 9 hrs.
  • Individual Obstacles 6 hrs.
  • Command Tasks 10 hrs.
  • Group Tasks 13 hrs.
  • Indoor Planning 8 hrs.
  • Psychological Tests
  • (WAT, TAT, SRT and SELF-DESCRIPTION) 16 hrs.
  • Final Summing up and clarification of doubts 2 hrs.
  • Pointing out good and bad points 1hr.
  • Screening Tests 6 hrs.

We have all the facilities available for the S.S.B. Coaching an indigenous outdoor field, which is compatible for all the individual obstacles, group tasks and command tasks. Plus we have separate interview rooms and environment is made similar to the one, which you face in S.S.B. Board.

To add to that, the Director has also written a book on facing S.S.B. Interviews which gives a complete overlook of what to expect at the S.S.B. Board. Individual Interviews are conducted and aim of training is to highlight the individuals’ strong points and underplay his weakness. Lot of emphasis is given on communication skills in English.

The Academy is proud of turning an unassuming character to a leader for all times. Hostel and messing facility are present within the campus for the ease of the candidates. The hostel capacity is but fixed so as to cater and take care the needs of each candidate and they can be scrutinised fully.

We now have the distinction of producing second and third generation officers. Lt.Iqbaljit Singh second generation officer, his father also took training from us in the year ’86. Lt. Angad Bains another one of our second generation officer. His father Col. Bains with him took coaching from us in the year 1984.

What makes NCA the best SSB Interview Coaching in India ?

We do not believe in helping students cram. Most important is each individual is different and has different set of qualities one posses. So for every candidate different answer seem’s correct.

When you get coached you follow same pattern you are like a horse with covers and you cannot explore your path. And, learning someone else’s answers won’t fit your personality. The major reason why majority of you do not get through.

We at NCA do not work on this  principle we work on each individual’s personality and help them evolve their answers. Thats what makes NCA the best SSB interview coaching Academy in India .

Secondly, at lot of the individual try to, know what the olq’s (Officer Like Qualities) are. Thinking if one knows them one qualifies for the SSB Interview. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, let us announce with all our power one does need to know these by heart. But, needs to implement them, when you go through the SSB interview process. We will go through the basic qualities with you and help asses where are the short comings of yours. 

That is what makes New Careers Academy a Leader with SSB interview coaching.

Thirdly, we give individual assessment. We can promise, no one gives individual attention like the way we do. The questions one outs up at the ssb interview is according to the answers an indivisual gives and that’s what determines the question the interviewing officer will ask during the ssb interview process. And, what if you know the answer for the same before hand. It is better to be well prepared than under prepared for the ssb interview.


SSB Interview FAQs

  • image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml
    What are the various olq’s looked in at the SSB interview?

    The olq’s or officer like qualities are a total of 15 in number . They have been divided on 4 factors.

    Factor – I (Planning and Organising)
    (a) Effective Intelligence
    (b) Reasoning Ability
    (c) Organising Ability
    (d) Power of Expression

    Factor – II (Social Adjustment)

    (e) Social Adaptability
    (f) Co-operation
    (g) Sense of Responsibility

    Factor – III (Social Effectiveness)
    (h) Initiative
    (i) Self Confidence
    (j) Speed of Decision
    (k) Ability to Influence the Group
    (l) Liveliness

    Factor – IV (Dynamic)

    (m) Determination
    (n) Courage
    (o) Stamina

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    What are the marks given to the different portions of the SSB Interview?

    Each technique has equal weightage. SSB is assessed out of 900 marks. Out of this, 225 marks are reserved for board conference and the remaining 675 marks are divided between the three techniques which mean each assessor has 225 marks to award. The conference marks are divided into three parts with the Interviewing Officer having a slightly larger share.

  • image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml
    Which out of three techniques is most important from the SSB Perspective?

    Some of you have doubts as to which would be the most important ssb technique required to pass the ssb interview. Is it the I.o., G.T.O or the Psychological Technique . Well its a myth any one technique needs to be really good, or has more weightage all are important. Hence, its a myth stating one of the three techniques is important.

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    Is giving SSB Interview In English a “Must”?

    Yes to qualify for your SSB interview one needs to make sure he is good and well versed with English and that should be the final call for him. A simple English with confidence works and one may use a dew words of Hindi In between.

  • image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml
    what are the various SSB Boards Or SSB centres For Indian Army?

    1. Selection Center East (SCE) Allahabad: (Uttar Pradesh)

    11 SSB ◦ 14 SSB ◦ 18 SSB ◦ 19 SSB ◦ 34 SSB

    Selection Center Central (SCC) Bhopal: (Madhya Pradesh) ◦ 20 SSB

    ◦ 21 SSB

    3. ◦ 22 SSB
    Selection Center South (SCS) Bangalore: (Karnataka)

    ◦ 17 SSB ◦ 24 SSB

  • image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml
    Where are the various boards for Indian Airforce?

    For Indian Air Force:

    • AFSB Dehradun: (Uttarakhand).
    • AFSB Mysore: (Karnataka).
    • AFSB Gandhi Nagar: (Gujrat).
    • AFSB Varanasi: (Uttar Pradesh).
  • image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml
    Where are the various boards for Indian Navy?
    • NSB Coimbatore: (Tamilnadu)
    • 12 SSB at SCS Bangalore: (Karnataka)
    • 33 SSB at SCC Bhopal: (Madhya Pradesh)
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    What is the purpose of the GTO Round at the SSB Interview?

    The Purpose of the GTO round is too analyse the following qualities in you . To check your physical stamina, determination, and courage. As for group tasks, selectors will also check your team spirit and cooperativeness.

SSB Coaching