NCA Academy: Best NDA/CDS SSB  Coaching in Chandigarh

SSB Interview is a one of the most difficult and competitive examination undertaken by the Indian defence to recruit personnel into their armed forces. It tests your mental ability, physical fitness and general knowledge of the world to explore if you are fit enough to serve in the Indian Army. The SSB interview process has been divided into six phases which are Physical Fitness Test (PFT), Aptitude Area Tests (AATs), Medical Examination, Written Exam, Psychological Tests and finally Personal Interview.Batches commence every Monday. Join the Best SSB coaching in Chandigarh and be a success. 

NCA Academy is a Chandigarh based SSB coaching institute offers a complete range of services for aspiring candidates who want to join the Indian defence forces. We provide coaching in all aspects of the SSB interview, including preparation and practice sessions. Our courses are designed to help you prepare more effectively for your NDA/ CDS SSB interview with a lot of study material. we have a faculty of retired defence officers who will help you overcome all the difficulties in your interview process.

CDS Coaching India

CDS Coaching India

We at New Careers Academy have been providing coaching for the last 5 decades in the field of SSB Interviews for all the entries such as NDA, CDS, AFCAT, TES, UES, TGC, ACC, SCC, PC(SL),CW, SD, HET, F(P), GDOC, TA, JAG and NCC C certificate candidates for all wings, with more than 38,000 selections in this field.

Why New Careers Academy is The Best SSB Coaching Institute in Chandigarh?

New Careers Academy is a pioneer institute for SSB Coaching Center all across India. We have a team of well qualified Instructors who are not only trained assessors but also very well qualified instructors. At the SSB what the candidate needs is not mugging up as done by some institutes but needs practical and well defined answers, which the assessors at the SSB are looking for. We at New Careers use interact with all the candidates to asses all the SRT’s ,Wat and other Psychological test rather than giving a handout of the copies which the candidates are told to cram up, it harms the individual more rather than doing any good to the individual.

The Staff being all previous assessors give the candidates proper instructions as to how to improve their various skills rather than making them follow a single set of instructions. This is a well know fact no two individuals can be same. Hence, it is best advised for a candidate to develop himself within the frame of OLQ’s.

The Staff being all previous assessors give the candidates proper instructions as to how to improve their various skills rather than making them follow a single set of instructions. This is a well know fact no two individuals can be same. Hence, it is best advised for a candidate to develop himself within the frame of OLQ’s. 

SSB Online Coaching India

Online SSB Interview Observation

SSB Online Coaching Classes

A live Online Class By Col.Sharma

SSB Interview Coaching India

Know All About P.P.D.T. at the SSB Interview 

SSB Coaching India

How Many SRT’s does one need to clear the SSB Interview ?

Best SSB Online Coaching India

A boy who is now an officer who cleared his ssb from us visiting us.

Online SSB Coaching India

A boy who cleared his SSB Interview twice giving his Inputs About NCA 


Why choose NCA Academy for your online SSB Coaching V/s Others

NCA Academy

To Clear SSB interviews. The Candidates Need to Talk And Assessors Evaluate. So, We Make Sure We Hear Your View Point.

Others Institutes

Only The Indi visual is Talking and At Best You Can Message

NCA Academy

Tests like WAT, TAT, SRT, are Timed and The Evaluated Answers Are Discussed

Others Institutes

No Timing Of Tests The Assessor Give His View Point Without Evaluating Individual’s Assessment

NCA Academy

OLQ’s Are Noted Donn Which Are Exhibited. By Candidates And Which OLQ’s One Needs To Work On.

Others Institutes

No Input is Given What is The Gray Area is Not Told Just Lectures.

NCA Academy

Practice IS What We Make You Do According To The Procedure’s At The SSB.

Others Institutes

PPT’S Are Shown to Teach. A Question for You Will You Clear SSB By Watching PPT’s Or Practicing Real Life Situation at The SSB And Getting Evaluate.

BWhat is the methodology followed at New Careers Academy making it the Best Ssb Coaching In Chandigarh ?

The Instructors at New Careers Academy follow the process which is followed at The Board, but with a slight change we like to enhance the qualities of the candidate, for this the course structure is made on those terms. In Psychology since most the test are time constrained it is very necessary that the candidate works in time constrained manner. Hence the tests too are conducted  in time constrained manner to bring the instant reaction a candidate exhibit. Then Accordingly the candidate is made to analyse his answer and work on his negatives. Same is for the GTO, the assessor is a former senior GTO of the Allahbad Board, the GTO ground is scientifically drawn and is a live ground not just a  model. The assessors tends to see numerous things in the candidate during all the GTO actives.

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ZAll the qualities which one needs to exhibit in various activities such as Lecturette, P.G.T.’s , H.G.T. , Group Discussions, Individual Obstacles , Military planning, Command Task are told to Candidate. This helps each candidate understand the due process at the SSB and what is he/she being assessed for . The tasks are done under the supervision of the GTO. As per the Interview process goes, there is one individual interview done as well as there are mock interviews done so as to make the candidate frequent about the various SSB Questions. Then Again the responses are altered according to each candidate and not a single answer is given to each situation . These techniques help us be not only the Best SSB Coaching Institute In Chandigarh but also the Best SSB Coaching Institute in Tricity(Mohali/Chandigarh/Panchkula/Zirakpur/Kharar).

What time should one candidate join New Careers Academy for SSB Preparation?

Our batches start from 1st, 11th and 21st of every month with all days working and no holidays are observed.  The Candidates need to download the admission form from the site and send it to us along with Rs. 500 admission fee and 2 photographs, and complete the necessary details on the form provided. Prior seat reservation is advised. What Should A Candidate need to bring along with him at the time of Admission? The Candidate needs to get bed sheet and pillow for bedding. Two white shorts for outdoor work along with pt shoes and  t shirts. Also one needs to bring along formal clothes for the day classes.

What is the course duration For SSB Interviews At New Careers Academy?

The course runs for a period of 10 days with all days working and no holidays are observed and the after the completion of course the candidates are given two days free refresher course. So that they can reassess their positives as well as negatives and work on them as early as possible.

2 Weeks Schedhule for the S.S.B. Programme AT NCA

Monday Day 1- 9.00 a.m.
  1. Introduction to Interview and GTO Techniques 
  2. GTO tasks and Explanation 
  3. Group Discussion practice 
  4. Self Introduction 
11.00 a.m. – Introduction to procedures at the S.S.B. Interview. Various tasks and how to prepare each one of them. i.e. Initial preparation by each candidate for the S.S.B. Interview.
3.00 p.m. – Introduction to SRT and response by each candidate. Understanding of OLQ’s . In each of the SRT and different processes involved 
Tuesday Day 2- 10.00 AM
Introduction to Psycho Test and exercise SRT-1 
3.00 p.m.- Introdution to PPDT. Explaining of stories and Starting with PPDT-1 and PPDT-2.
Wednesday Day 3 - 9.00 AM
1.GTO tasks and Explanation continued 
2. Group discussion practice 
3. Explanation of Personal Interview 
4. Lecturette Practice 
11.00 a.m.- Discussion on SRT / Clarification and Approach towards S.R.T.
3.00 p.m. 
  1. Outdoors 
  2. PPDT 3-4 with discussion and assessment.
Thursday Day 4 - 10.00 AM
Introduction to WAT & TAT -1 / Detailed Instructions on the Same 
  1. Introduction to WAT
  2. Introduction to TAT
  3. Test series on the same .
  1. GTO task.
  2. Group discussion related toSocial Topics.
  3. Group discussion related to Current Affairs.
Friday Day 5 - 9.00 AM
9.00. a.m. 
  1. Explanation Of Personal Interview 
  2. Tackling GTO’s Outdoor Tasks 
  3. Group discussion practice 
  4. Lecturette Practice 
11.00 a.m. 
  1. Discussion on each word in WAT 
  2. Discussion on TAT and each story shortcomings and flaws 
  1. GTO tasks
  2. SDT (Self Description test and Interview based Questions)
Saturday Day 6 - 10.00 AM
10.00 AM
  1. Attempting SRT-2 
  2. Approach to keep In Mind and things one can evaluate 
3.00 PM
  1. GTO round up. 
  2. Group Discussion and Lecturette. Overall Speaking skill.
Monday Day 8 - 9.00 AM
9.00 AM
  1. Mock personal interview 
  2. Tackling GTO Outdoor Tasks 
  3. Group Planning Exercise 
11.00 AM
  1. Discussion on SRT -2 
  2. Doubts regarding the same
3.00 PM
  1. PPDT 2-3 set stories.
  2. Discuss on the same, correction and discussion on the PPDT.
Tuesday Day 9 - 10.00 AM
10.00 AM
  1. Set number 2 TAT/WAT 
  2. Discussion on the same and correction for the same.
3.00 PM
  1. GTO task 
  2. Mock Interviews and Improvements required.
Wednesday Day 10 - 9.00 AM
9.00 AM
  5. FAQ’S
11.00 AM
  1. SRT’S-3 
3.00 PM
  2. Discussion on all basic TAT and negative Pictures.
Thursday Day 11 - 10.00 AM
10.00 AM
  1. Introduction to WAT and TAT series 3.
  2. Discussion on the same.
  3. Correcting the flaws and working on short comings.
3.00 PM
  1. Lecturette.
  2. Opening up verbal skills and improving on the verbal skills.
Friday Day 12 - 9.00 AM
9.00 AM
  6. FAQ’S 
11.00 AM
  1. Discussion on WAT/TAT-4 / Blank Story and SDT 
3.00 PM
  1. Work on the verbal skills.
  2. PPDT 2 stories and discussion. 
Saturday Day 13 - 10.00 AM
10.00 AM
  1. Final Summing up
  2. Doubts if any 
  3. Conference on the short comings of each individual
3.00 PM
  1. Interview 
  2. Lecture 
  3. Ppdt 
  4. Final summing up.