SSB Interviews

SSB Interviews

The Question that comes to everyone mind is can one lie during the SSB Interviews ?

Most of us face this confusion as to what should we do when we are asked a question at the ssb Interview which we have difficulty answering so should one lie in this case or not ?
The most common rational everyone tries to put behind this is that one needs to clear the SSB process by hook or crook but does this work in real life at the SSB. So one tends to make certain judgements about himself/herself did one lie thats why one got rejected or was it because one did not lie at all that was the cause of the rejection.

In the upcoming paragraphs i would like to describe about this in detail and explain the various facts in detail to all the Aspiring aspirants who are looking forward to clearing the SSB Interviews.
As per lying goes i would like to make sure that each candidate should avoid lying as much as possible, please remember the assessors are their at the SSB centres as they have been trained and have been doing this for a long period of time and they will be able to come out with the truth come what may. As an aspirant your job is to take the interview towards your comfort zone and not towards a zone where, too many tough questions are asked of which you don’t have the apt answer for. So hence, it is the candidate and his way of answering which would influence in which direction does his/her interview continue towards. This in terms is also an officer like quality to use your tact to get away from tricky situations in which you are put in .

So what are the various things can one do to do this, is the next question one asks.
Well the Answer to this is also very simple.
The aspirant needs to stay mature and make sense while he is describing something, he need not be nervous or too serious, but needs to be real with a smile on his face and be cheerful. One should remain the same in all situations try avoiding bee too happy or too sad, as extreme of each is bad. In simple words one needs to remain neutral with his approach towards the S.S.B.                     Hence, if one needs to avoid lying he/she needs to follow these guru mantras
One needs to be confident of himself of whatever one has achieved in his life and should have reasons to justify his answers along with it.
One can take accountability of his failures in life and should not blame others, but himself/herself and should project how has one overcome such shortcomings in life
Please listen to the I.O. properly before you give a response,this is where an untrained and unsystematic answers can lead to a problem.
Try showing officer like qualities in yourself and project them to the best of your knowledge.

This where we At New Careers place special emphasis on the I.O. part of the SSB Interview as we need to make it simple and each answer has to be answered centred around ones personality. No answer can be same for two persons as each person  is different from others, and copy pasted answers or what we call unsystematic answers will lead to ones failure.

Next question in candidates mind is generally how can one create a good impression with the I.O.?
For this the candidate first needs to listen to what the Interviewing Officer is asking from you, let him lay down the complete set of questions before you start answering any of them. Think before you speak as it helps one evaluate his/her own answers and also helps the candidates answer to the counter questions being put up. Make sure your answers reflect qualities required in an officer, since everything gets noted down so speak the absolute truth thats all.

Hence the crux of the situation is one needs to think before they speak just like a fired bullet can be retrieved back in barrel, someway wrong words used cannot be returned back. One needs to just stay calm and answer everything to the best of knowledge without lying about it. Don’t be afraid of your negatives, go along with them and develop yourself more and more.

Let me give you example of truthful answers said by selected candidates, who have been selected at the various Boards to the questions they were asked .

Ques by I.O. Do you drink ?
Selected Candidate :  yes sir

Ques by the I.O. : When was the last time you, had a drink ?
Selected Candidate : Sir,  vert recently just after the screening sir . We all friends were very happy, and decided to have a shot each sir ..

So this pretty well should answer your doubts, what is looked on is your  traits develop negatives in such a way that you can always overcome them. Do not lie but have your way in crafting an Answer.

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