SELFIE “THE NEW KILLER”



Selfie kills youth in Doon, photo shoot proves fatal in Jodhpur

The craze for a selfie turned fatal for a youth in the Uttarakhand capital when he slipped into a canal and drowned while a young holidaymaker posing for a picture was killed as he fell of the high ramparts of Jodhpur’s Mehrangarh Fort.

The incidents happened close on the heels of two young cousins drowning in the Narmada in Madhya Pradesh, adding to a growing number of selfie deaths in a country that accounted for half of the world’s fatalities from the new fad in 2015.

A police officers said Devendra Kandari, son of a rickshaw driver, and Shubaham who works in a restaurant had gone to Shaktinahar canal, around 40 Km from Dehradun, and allegedly drank alcohol there.

“After a while Devendra tried to take a selfie but he lost balance and fell into the canal. Shubham immediately jumped into rescue his friend. But both were swept away by strong currents. Two onlookers then dived into the canal and managed to save Devendra. Empty alcohol bottles were recovered from the spot,”Vikasnagar circle officer Swapna Kishore Singh said on Wednesday.

“The body of the youth is yet to be traced. Rescue teams are combing the canal and rivers down-stream,” the officer informed.

The incident is reminiscent of man drowning in the Arabian Sea on January 9 when he tried to save three girls who slipped into the water while clicking a selfie. Mumbai police have banned selfies in 16 spots identified as dangerous.

In Rajasthan’s Jodhpur city, police said 23-year-old Nikhil Prajapat who was to get married in 10 days had gone to the city’s landmark fort with his friends and posed for a photo standing on the edge of the rampart.

“Nikhil climbed the rampart and asked his friends to click his picture. When they were taking photos he lost his footing and fell several feet down,” an officer said.

Sounding an alarm, a recent report on such deaths around the world and published in the Washington Post, said out of at least 27 “selfie-related” deaths in 2015, about half were reported in India. a Japanese tourist had died at the Taj Mahal recently after falling the steps of the monument while attempting a selfie.

Experts told HT that selfies have become a dangerous activity for the youth. “Youngsters between 18 and 22 are increasingly trying to find their self-esteem and self-worth in likes and comments they got for selfies posted on social media, “psychiatrist Vaibhav Dubey of people’s Hospital in Bhopal said. He said the craze “gradually turns into a mental disorder and in extreme cases, pushes them to their death”.



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