Pakistan can never defeat India, as long as the Sikhs fight for India.

Pakistan can never defeat India, sikh regiment, sikg fight for india, all about sikh regiment

Pakistan can never defeat India, sikh regiment, sikg fight for india, all about sikh regiment

All About Sikh Regiment
This occurrence has stayed with me for more than fifteen years now, and I describe it today not in swagger as a fellow Sikh, but rather as something that should have been be told as a marker of the effect Sikhs have on individuals, both in their courage and in their benevolence; and as a suggestion to us Indians.

Sikhs make up 10% of all positions in the Indian Army, however Sikhs shape just 2% of the Indian population.

After 1984, there was a trial by Gen Vaidya to do away selectiveness, with an organization each of Dogras, Garhwalis and South Indians in the Sikh Regiment. The selectiveness was however later restored.

Maybe the Britishers know something we Indians appear to be forgetting.

Pakistan can never defeat India”, the Italian remarked.

That morning in May 1999, on an official outing to Italy, as I had exchanged on the BBC World News, I had heard the declaration that Indian Air Force had begun a hostile on the Kargil crests and there were reasons for alarm of an undeniable war with Pakistan. What had till now been known as a minor invasion by infiltrators was presently debilitating to immerse the two countries into a self-destructive war. My companion and I had started our standard voyage through the reasonable; going by corners of significant organisations.

I strikingly recall that slow down, and the organization proprietor sitting stunningly stopping for a moment to talk with his customers. These Italians beyond any doubt are one sharp part. Cocoa shoes and a red golf top. I still haven’t got over my predisposition for cocoa shoes obtained amid those outings to Italy.

As we got on with our limited time address the discussion veered off to the Kargil news.

“Pakistan can never defeat India”, he suddenly remarked.

“Oh yes”, we said, “Of Course, we have a bigger army”, we said proudly.

“Oh No!, you got it wrong”, said the Italian

“Is that so? How?”

“You know about Sikhs?”, he asked.

“Of course”, I said, “I am a Sikh”

Gracious, are you?”, he commented with an amazement, as he all of a sudden got up from his seat, removed his red top, “Salute'”, he said in his solid Italian articulation; even as he asked me for what good reason I was not wearing the Sikh turban. I smiled timidly accordingly.

“Hats off, my Sikh friend; you don’t know why Pakistan can never defeat India? It cannot defeat India as long as the Sikhs fight for India.”



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