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During Covid 19, New Careers Academy is offering online Live Interactive Sessions for aspirants across india. Since 1967, we have been providing Defense Exam Coaching with 38000 success stories with 2nd and 3rd generation officers.

Live Interactive Classes for SSB Starting on 10th, 17th, 24th and 31th Aug, 2020.

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Live Interactive Online SSB Classes in India

Live Preparation from Anywhere

Learn from your home. It could be from your bedroom, play room, on the go. While travelling. Easy and simple.

Interact Like Live Classes

Talk to your teachers, ask your doubts. Just like a live class. Enjoy learning from the Comfort of your home.

Time Bound Test

Assessing the Candidates, just like the SSB Process. Go through pre designed tests for SSB’s at your home.

Asses OLQ'S

Get live analysis of the Officer Like Qualities you are exhibiting and which qualities you need to hide.

Assesment Sheets

Review your tests on a weekly and monthly basis. See your competition and improve on your grey areas.

Contactless Learning

Afraid of not maintaining social distance . Learn from home. Avoid cramped classrooms. Online coaching is here

SSB Interview Key Points

All Covering Online SSB Classes

For the benefit of our students we have made the Ssb interview course online in such a way that you can get maximum from the comfort of your home. It includes all Psychological tests at the Service Selection Board. Where online you will take test real time and then will be assessed according to the answers you have written. Just like the comfort of you class.

In continuation we are providing also live Interview , where a candidate can give his interview online to the assessor. While the assessor rates the candidate on his OLQ’s. All this from your home .. As per the GTO task only a few tasks can be assessed and the rest of it we have kept free and we welcome our candidates to join us on webinars for the same . The coaching will be fully according to what we do in the live classes.

Personal Assessment of all Candidates

Individual Assessment of all candidates will be given to all candidates in their Psychology & Interview Skills. And, the candidate can easily know what gray areas one can cover up and which bright areas one needs to show more

How to join SSB interview Online Preparation?

To join the SSB interview course, you need to follow the following instruction

  • Click the ‘Join now Section’ and choose the SSB course and the modules you want to join.
  • Then add the course you need to add in to the cart.
  • Click on the ‘Buy Now’ button and submit the payment along with your registration form.

Note: The course scheduled has been mentioned above.

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38000 Success Stories

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Join India’s Best online Ssb Interview coaching classes 2020. Considering the present situation regarding covid 19 and social distancing being a norm to be followed by everyone. We at NCA are determined to providing you best Ssb online coaching classes from the comfort of your home. NCA Academy has been providing the Ssb coaching for a term of the past 52 years and has been providing par excellent officers for the Indian Defence Forces.

Join the league of the esteemed men without having to bother about your safety in this pandemic. We are committed to provide the best online Ssb coaching at your door step.
The course we are providing will be according to what all details can be covered up for your SSB Interview and can easily be dealt with online
The mentors at NCA have a vast experience behind them. Team consisting of former GTOS, Ex- Psychologist and Interviewing Officers ..

Hear what our students who are officers have to say about us

Hear what our students who are officers have to say about us

What ALL Modules are offered in the Online SSB Interview programme?

1.In Psychology WAT, SRT, TAT and SDT..
Lets explain what and how we do the  sychological testing and assessing..
In case of WAT(Word Association Test).
First, the purpose of the test at the SSB Centres. What responses are looked by the assessors. Common, mistakes one commits while answering After this just like at the SSB Interview Centres words will be flashed across and candidates will be asked to write down responses. And in the discussion on each word , students response will be assessed and what personality traits each one is exhibiting will be outlined.

WAT 1– one exercise including all the above charges 500.
Wat– with three exercises and assessment charges 900.

In Case of SRT (Situation Reaction Test)
How do we asses the SRT
First, explain what are the assessors looking for .while you attempt SRT. Secondly, what common mistakes one makes while doing the SRT. Keeping those things in mind. While attempting. Thirdly, test are show in a time bound manner and one notes down his responses for the same. Fourthly, once the test is over. The Candidate gets to inform his responses and what answers are expected are discussed.
Each SRT has some basic underlying quality an assessor wants to test In a candidate. The same is told to the candidates as to what they are attempting right and what are the attempting wrong to clear the SSB Interview through our online courses for SSB interview.

SRT1 – one exercise including all the above and assessment charges 500.
SRT3 – with three exercises and assessment charges 900.

TAT (Thematic Apperception Test)
Same assessment as what was explained for SRT would be done.

TAT1 – one exercise including all the above and assessment charges 500.
TAT3 – with three exercises and assessment charges 900.

SDT (Selef Description Test)
This is series of only one lecture in which, the candidates are told about what the SDT questions stand for. What these questions are meant to signify along with, the qualities one can write about and also to recheck your SDT along with analysis of your SDT Charges Rs. 500.
One on One Interview Session for SSB INTERVIEW PROCEDURE with Ex
Officers. Get live demo with the Interviewing officer see what qualities you are exhibiting. When are you showing negative signs. What are your master areas. Which areas you still lack in.
SSB Interview 1– Get one live interview duration 30-50 min cost 750.
SSB Interview 3- Get three live interviews with 3 different assessors. each duration 30-50 min cost 1500 over a period of Month..

PPDT (Picture Perception Description Test)
This test is held on the very first day of the SSB Interview Process. Around 100-300 students are called for reporting and on the basis of this majority are screened out . The percentage of screened in are approximately 10%.
What makes one get not selected in the SSB Interview process or the screening test could be failure of psychological test alone with lack of communication skills.

We at NCA are determine to focus on your demands and needs of the same.

PPDT 1- 4 set of images along with explanation as how to start. What is the board looking at. Along with your story analysis on the spot .Plus group discussion. How to overcome fish market like situations.

PPDT 3- 3 sets of 4 images along with explanation as how to start. What is the board looking at. Along with your story analysis on the spot. Plus group discussion. How to overcome fish market like situations.



Avail early bird discount. Revision in fees after 24th Aug

SSB Online Coaching and Exam FAQ’s

Are the online Ssb interview courses time based?

Yes all our SSB interview modules are time based. Proper time is allowed to each module and the candidates are required to complete the SSB interview Course within the allotted time.

Where are the various SSB Boards?

For Indian Army:
1. Selection Center East (SCE) Allahabad: (Uttar Pradesh)
◦ 11 SSB
◦ 14 SSB
◦ 18 SSB
◦ 19 SSB
◦ 34 SSB

2. Selection Center Central (SCC) Bhopal: (Madhya Pradesh)
◦ 20 SSB
◦ 21 SSB
◦ 22 SSB

3. Selection Center South (SCS) Bangalore: (Karnataka)
◦ 17 SSB
◦ 24 SSB

For Indian Air Force:
1 AFSB Dehradun: (Uttarakhand)
2 AFSB Mysore: (Karnataka)
3 AFSB Gandhi Nagar: (Gujrat)
4 AFSB Varanasi: (Uttar Pradesh)

Training Centers/Institutes:
◦ Air Force Academy (AFA) Hyderabad (A.P)– Permanent/Short Commission for both Male & Female
◦ National Defense Academy (NDA) Khadakwasla, Pune (MH)– Permanent Commission For Indian Navy:
1. NSB Coimbatore: (Tamilnadu)
2. 12 SSB at SCS Bangalore: (Karnataka)
3. 33 SSB at SCC Bhopal: (Madhya Pradesh)

What makes NCA live online Ssb Interview Course the best?

NCA is best in terms of live lectures as the doubts are cleared on the live platform there and that moment itself. The tests are time bound and have the best or the complete information and a candidate can know their weaknesses and can easily rectify it and clear the SSB Interview Stage.

What are timings for the SSB Interview Preparation live lecture?

The SRT’s three series are taught on Monday wednesy and Friday.
The WAT’s series are taught on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
While the Interview session need to be booked first and then the time is allowed for the same..

How can one pay for the SSB Live lecture modules ?

 The candidates are requested to go on the cart and add the courses they want to join in for and choose the modules they think they need maximum help in..

Why are the online SSB interview courses time based?

A very important question with an even important answer is. That in SSB interview all test are time bound to get proper responses from the questions they answer to know more about their personality. If more time is given to think candidates can very their answer hence not fulfilling the process at the SSB Interview Selection Centre.

I am having some technical issue while using the SSB Interview Online Coaching Classes, what do I do?

If any such issues comes please make sure you contact 9501070051 to help you better.

Are there any free classes for SSB Interview Online coaching?

NCA is a leading institution, which has been a pioneer for defence coaching. We like giving our students the edge . Because there is a lot of competition and one needs to stand out. That being said we are providing free webinars on current issues also with spoken English enhancement skills. But webinar related to group discuss, lectures which are a part of SSB Interview Preparation process are only delivered to our students. For. More information of these webinars you can contact 9501070051.

How To Register for Online CDS coaching classes

  • Visit
  • Fill in the details of the course you want to join.
  • Choose the course you want to join for.
    Attach your WhatsApp number along with your present photograph and signature.
  • Go to the payment option and choose the preferred option.
  • The course details Will be made available along with the duration and the structure of the program.

Basic Requirements Needed for opting for CDS online Courses

  • Smart phone/a dual core processor desktop or laptop.
  • An active internet connection with preferable speed minimum of 2MBPS.
  • Good set of headphones that can help you here better.

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