During Covid 19, New Careers Academy is offering online Live Interactive Sessions for aspirants across india. 

Offline Classes starting 19th Nov 2020.Registration Open.Introductory Tests and Scholarship Tests before the commencement of classes. Max strength 30 students.

Since 1967, we have been providing Defense Exam Coaching with 38000 success stories with 2nd and 3rd generation officers.


NCA Academy offers candidates the best coaching for NDA written exams in Chandigarh. We are well aware of the aim and objective of our candidates who wish to join the NDA. Being in this area of offering training to candidates for NDA for the last 5 decades, we have the best of training instructors and have more than 37000 selections in the Indian Armed Forces of the NDA. This has pushed us up in the league of the Top NDA Coaching institutes in Chandigarh.

About NDA Exam:

Serving the country bravely and courageously requires guts. The NDA is a sector which is the most respectable and desirable. However, to join the Armed Forces, one needs to get through the NDA examination. After that,Once they clear the exam, they can join either the Army, Navy or The Air Force.

The number of NDA aspirants is increasing every year, thereby making it tough to get through the NDA exam. In addition, despite such tough competition NCA Academy with its expertise offers the best study materials and strategies to help them ace the exams. This has made us one of the Best NDA Coaching Institute in Chandigarh.

Candidates must be scoring a minimum score of 25 percent in both papers. Overall the cutoff can vary between 35-40 percent. At NCA Academy we offer an analysis regarding this, which has helped us to become the Top NDA Coaching Center In Chandigarh, India.

Things to consider while preparing for the NDA written Examinations:

NDA Coaching in India
(I) Paper 1 (Mathematics): Paper one consists of 120 questions that are distributed equally and have equal marks. Note that a negative attempt gives about -1/3 marks.

(II) Paper 2 (General Ability  with English) Paper two consists of 50 questions pertaining to English and 100 questions pertaining to General Ability. Each question is allotted 4 marks and a negative attempt is given -1/3 marks.

The competition for NDA is tremendous more than 4 lakhs students appear for the NDA examination but only 10000 qualify out which only a selected 500 finally make it . This is the lowest and the most drop down percentage, and are you willing to risk your entire career for this, without looking for specialisation.

Since 1967, We are Providing The Best NDA coaching In Chandigarh

New Careers Academy is a the top Institute  which has been providing the best NDA coaching in Chandigarh for the past 5 decades. NCA is having 38000+ selections and is continuously adding to the number of passed candidates. The team is teaching for defence classes only, and not like the other institutions having all courses under one roof. Our faculty which is permanent. Each of them have decades of experience.

The faculty which includes former officers, former Head of department of various Universities. The Coaching will make sure each student achieves success. New Careers Academy has tradition of producing 3rd generation officers In other words, we have produced more than 10% of the final merit list from us . Join the Best NDA Coaching Academy In India and feel the difference.

Why Choose NCA Academy for NDA Exam Coaching in Chandigarh?

Estd. in 1967, we have been providing NDA written coaching for over 5 decades, and not just a year or two ago as various other institutes. Please be aware of such institutes.

We can give in written a candidate will get through provided he gets 40% in our mock tests and monthly papers.

Our notes will carry 90% of the paper that will come in this Examination.

We are proud to say that over three generation of officers have got through us.

In every batch we have a second or third generation student coming to us for coaching.

Our batches run through out the year, with no break what so ever.

We have our own hostel and not a PG accommodation so that our students get best of the facilities.

We see to it our students in the hostel study from 9 P.M. to 12 P.M. daily in the hostel with us keeping a check on them (Separate study halls are provided in the hostel).

Above all, We teach 240 working hours in a month with no holidays being observed, more than anyone. Classes are held in morning as well evening and 8 hours a day.

All students are required to speak in ENGLISH so that a base can be set up for all students for SSB also, we believe in grooming our students to a level they can all aspire to be.

Every Term we are able to make various Sainik school boys get through NDA written as well SSB, with success rate being 50%+, and not just 1or 2 selections in a batch of 100.

We are cheapest and yet the best.

Testimonials of NCA Candidates who made it as officers

How many attempts can a candidate give in the NDA Examination?

well it all depends on the age of the candidate. Meaning, If a candidate lies between the age group of 16.5 years to 19.5 at the date of joining. Provided he is appearing/appeared in 12th class he can avail 6 chances maximum.

What is the age limit for NDA Examination?

The candidate should be aged between 16.5 to 19.5 years at the age of joining. Meaning, when you apply for the examination you should be 15.5 years to 18.5 years. This is because the entire NDA process takes a year.

How many times is NDA held in a year and when all?

NDA examination is held twice a year. The paper is held in the Months of April and then in the September month. NDA 1 is the April Paper and in NDA 2 it is the September Paper.

How much time does it take to become officer after clearing SSB and NDA written?

Well once you get done with the entire process. It would take a total of 4 years to become an officer. How you may ask? Well, first three years in NDA and then one year in specialisation of your stream.

Are Girls Eligible for NDA Examination?

No, girls are not eligible for NDA Examination. Girls only become eligible for joining defence forces after they finish their graduation. And, then you can be eligible for all three forces depending on what subjects you had in 12th.

What are the cutoffs for NDA Examinations and sectional cut offs for NDA?

The NDA cut offs change every year well depending on the paper. The written exam is of 900 marks with 300 marks of maths and general studies 600 marks .
NDA 1 2019 cut off was 342 ( with atleast 25% marks in each subject ).
NDA 2 2018 cut off being 325 ( with atleast 25% marks in each subject ).
NDA 1 2018 cut off’s beng 338 ( with atleast 25% marks in each subject ).
NDA 2 2017 cut off’s being 258 ( with atleast 25% marks in each subject ).

So sectional cut off is a minimum 25% in each subject . That is one should score 75 marks minimum in NDA Mathematics Section.
Well keep a check on our website to know the expected cut offs of NDA 1 2020 and the sectional cut offs also.

When will the NDA 1 2020 Examination will be held?

The NDA 1 2020 Examination will be held all across India in all major cities. The paper will be held on Sunday 19 April 2020.

When will the NDA 2 2020 Examination will be held?

The Nda 2 2020 examination will be held on 6th September 2020 on a Sunday. This paper will be conducted all across india in all major cities of India.

What age group is eligible for giving the NDA 1 2021 Written Examinations?

The candidates are eligible to give the examination provided they lie between the age group of 16.5 to 19.5 years at the date of joining meaning someone born after 02 July 2002 and before 01 July 2005 will be eligible for the NDA 1 2021 written examinations.

What makes New Careers Academy the Best NDA Coaching center in Chandigarh?

Mentioned below are few points that have made our institute one of the institutes that offers the best NDA coaching in Chandigarh:

  1. The staff in our institute works towards teaching the core subjects for NDA examinations. For example, such as mathematics, general studies, and English.
  2. We have the best teachers in terms of experience and qualification for every single subject.
  3. In addition, methods involving short tricks of mathematics will be given.
  4. The booklets of our institute will be according to progressive difficulty level. This makes it perfect for students to begin from easy levels and move to the tougher levels.
  5. The institute runs daily having no holidays. In addition, you will be giving tests on Sunday, helping the wards assess their performance.
  6. Some social classes will be given on projectors, in short helping the candidates understanding the basics.
  7. At our institute, we believe students scoring over 40 percent in our tests will clear the NDA Exam.
  8. NCA concentrates on the latest papers and create a plan ensuring the student’s hard work does not go in vain.
  9. 75 % of our students make it to NDA, In other words making NCA the best NDA coaching institute in Chandigarh.
  10. With an experience of over decades, experienced and qualified staff. NCA ensures the best coaching to the candidates. In conclusion, this makes us the Top NDA Coaching academy in chandigarh.
  11. We ensure the regularity of classes and provide the best facilities and teaching methods to the candidates.
  12. New Careers Academy conducts sessions to clear doubts of the students.
  13. Academy offers motivational sessions along with personality development sessions , thereby helping the students be positive. Thereby, helping the candidate approach the interview confidently.

Can we get NDA Coaching in Hindi.

No, we tend to don’t give coaching in Hindi and English. we tend to solely give coaching job in ENGLISH. The reason being even though you clear your Written exams the SSB Interviews are command in ENGLISH and while not a base in English in speaking it becomes tough for a candidate to precise himself higher. that’s why we tend to advise our student to push for English at a planning stage and not towards the fag finish, that there’s no answer.

How many seats does the National Defence Academy have?

National Defence Academy has a total of 360 seats with 208 allotted for Indian Army, 60 seats allowed for Indian Navy and a total of 92 seats for Indian Air Force), Indian Naval Academy: 55, (10+2 Cadet Entry Scheme) Making it a total of 415 seats.

What makes us among the Top 5 NDA Coaching Centre in Chandigarh, India?

  1. First we guarantee the papers of NDA will come from our notes.
  2. Score 50 % in our papers and we guarantee you will get through NDA for sure.
  3. Will be conducting Doubt sessions so if student is weak they can work on their weakness and shortcomings.
  4. The students whose mathematic is weak. In other words, they are taught shortcuts as well as basics.
  5. Doubt sessions are provided.
  6. Classes are digital with projectors available, so that students are provided with latest means and provision.
  7. Above all, test series are available every week and also monthly test are there.
  8. We solve the NDA paper every year and also provid the Cut offs with the most accurate answer key.

Can I join NDA with arts or commerce?

Yes, students from any stream will offer this paper, however it becomes terribly tough for a student who doesn’t have maths to clear the this paper as a result of if a candidate doesn’t clear Paper one (Maths), his second paper won’t be checked. Our advise to such students is either to use once graduation through CDS or take separate tuition for maths and see weather or not you’ll be able to cope up with maths program if affirmative, continue learning and created a base then return to us. Otherwise CDS is that the best choice for you. Please don’t fall within the entice of cash creating institutes United Nations agency promise you sky however provide you with nothing reciprocally.

List of Centers allowed for NDA Examination.

Here’s the list of NDA exam centers across India:

Panaji (Goa)PatnaPort BlairRaipur

What is the first and last date for filling the NDA 2 2020 Registration Date?

The first and last date for filing the NDA 2 2020. As per the UPSC website the notification willopen on the 10th June 2020 and the last date to fill the form will be 30 th June 2020.
For filling of the forms the candidates can directly go on the UPSC Website www.upsc.gov.in
One needs to fill the form along with the digital photograph and the digital signature.

What age group is eligible for giving the NDA 2 2020 Written Examination?

The candidates are eligible to give the examination provided they lie between the age group of 16.5 to 19.5 years at the date of joining meaning someone born after 02 jan 2002 and before 01 January 2005 will be eligible for the NDA 2 2020 examination.

What age group can apply for the NDA 2 2021 Written Examination?

The candidates are eligible to give the examination provided they lie between the age group of 16.5 to 19.5 years at the date of joining meaning someone born after 02 January 2003 and before 01 January 2006 will be eligible for the NDA 2 2021 written examination.

New Careers Academy is following our founding directors Lt. Col. H.S. Dhaliwal message of providing good affordable education to all sections of students which they can afford and not exorbitant rates. We remain committed to the message of ‘Serving Our Country through our students’. we have been running NDA written coaching Courses for the past 52 years. We have been teaching students and have had a phenomenal record of students who get through and we do not recommend one year long courses.

In NDA a candidate needs to do +1 and +2 maths along with social Subjects and the GK section. It is the toughest and covers history, civics and economics. English consists of spotting errors, sentence rearrangement and close test. New Careers Academy has an Established Name for 5 decades considering what is best for students. Want to Know more about NDA Exam Coaching Program? Send us Your Query.

Tutelage Hours for The NDA Coaching Institute: New Careers Academy:

(9.00 AM – 10.30 AM) Mathematics
(10.30 AM – 10.45 AM) – Break
(10.45 AM – 12.00 PM) – English
(12.00 PM – 12.15 PM) – Break
(12.15 PM – 2.30 PM) – Social Science/Science
(2.30 PM – 5.00 PM) – Mathematics
Sundays are reserved for weekly tests.

Process of NDA SSB – Interview after Clearing Written Exam:

After clearing NDA Written Exam the NDA SSB Interview will be conducted. Wards are first required to pass the NDA written Examiantion after which the SSB interview Process will Commence. In clear words if one clears his Nda written paper its only then he will be called for the interview to whom we refer as the SSB Interviews. The SSB Interview is a five day process and the entire process has been explained below for your Benefit.

Tenure of the NDA SSB interview

Day 1: Is the verification of the documents as well as the PPDT (picture perception description test) is conducted along with the Intelligence test. Meaning Screening Test.
Day 2: commences with Psychological tests.
Day 3: GTO tasks.
Day 4: Continuation of the remaining GTO tasks.
Day 5: Conference and Final merit is announced.

The SSB Interview can be taken any of the days numbering 2 to 4. For detailed information for SSB Interview on the following link:

Tips to Prepare for NDA (1)2021 Examinations:

The best way to clear the Nda examination is by knowing what comes in the NDA examination meaning knowing the syllabus of NDA along with the pattern of the questions being asked. The right time for this is during your 12th standard or after your 12 th standard. One can start preparation for the same. If your dream goal is to clear NDA follow the following tips for Nda and achieve success.
Look at the previous years paper an make a list of the type of questions one can see. Have good knowledge of all the topics that you clear up make sure, you are revising the topics you know.
Make a list of the topics which you need revision.Adding on, make a list of topics you feel you are not so good t give moe time for that. In addition, read previous newspaper daily and add new words to your vocabulary as it will help you in English speaking and learning new words.
After every week of preparation give a Complete paper and see where you stand.Meaning, monitor your progress on a daily basis.
learn short cut tricks for mathematics and solve questions based on that Be thorough with NCERT and learn them with full devotion. Devote quality of time rather than quantity.

Institute Address:
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