Despite the IB input regarding infiltration across the border on Punjab and Jammu sector. an audacious attack in Gurdaspur town DINANAGAR early Morning around 5 am when 4 to 5 militant when they snatched a white color Maruti car and moved toward Dinanager bustand where they first stopped a bus of Punjab roadways open fire on it enduring 3 passengers. then they entered the police station just opposite the bus stand. where they killed some policemen including 2 prisoners they captured the police stain and made it their hideout. on getting information a police reinforcement was deployed to engaged the militants even military person make a ring around the police station. earlier they fired in side at slow rate but by afternoon the fire continued vigorously by afternoon 2 militant short dead in by the forces. one SP of Punjab police Dilbag Singh also died along with others 7 policemen and 3c civilization. some live bomb also found on the railway track which are defused by bomb disposal squad immediately. Indian army has taken full control they want to as they captured them alive before storming the police station building.




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