What does one by the term MARCOS???

MARCOS in short means ‘Marine Commandos’. It’s an elite specific operation unit connected with the INDIAN NAVY. It was is in the past referred to as M.C.F or even ‘Marine Commando Force’. MARCOS are usually seriously and effectively prepared. They’re equipped with the latest weapons. To undertake mission in all varieties of terrains. Since the structure and size usually are non categorized a few ‘unofficial’ reports have posted that it the number could be anything between 2000-2500.

How The Marcos Came into Existence?

After The 1971 Indio-Pakistan war, India decided to set up a special unit which was to undertaken for amphibious warfare & Marine special operations. In 1983 the 340th army independent brigade located at Thiruvanadapuram was raised as a special maritime force. After the formation Indian navy started various exercises to demonstrate its capabilities, notably exercises in Andaman Nicobar, 1984 and Goa, 1986. In 1986 Indian navy began planning of an specific historic force that may carry out recon, raids as well as counter-terrorism procedures in a maritime environment. They were at first educated by simply country’s special force. Yet later that they were trained by US Navy seals as well as British isles SAS. In 1987 INDIAN NAVY technically established INDIAN NAVY Boat SPECIAL FORCE as well as IMSF. That time the strength associated was 38 representatives as well as 373 sailers. Later throughout 1991 it renamed in order to Marine Commando Force as well as the MCF.

What makes joining MARCOS so Challenging?

MARCOS TRAINEE goes on for a period for a total a two-year study course, the initial phase that is maintained a couple of weeks, where that they undergo a lot of demanding actual physical tests that simply 50% pass. And then for the up coming nine months, they are trained and tips on how to utilize a variety of weaponry, carry out unique rivalry strategies and tips on how to accumulate learning ability on the adversary. MARCOS additionally performs functional reconnaissance training which includes a variety of exterior situations; seashore, coastal, riverine and rainforest. That section of training is done throughout and it is connect together with other INDIAN SPECIAL FORCE which is done in the Merged Commando School at Sirsawa. Next they also have to endure a parachute training course plus a diving study course at Agra and Cochin respectively. After trainee candidates after finishing their 1st 9 months of such demanding exams, then they enrolled in groups — with a probational foundation — wherever added particular coaching can be executed. This specific combat for all the various courses certification normally takes an additional year. A lot of the coaching handles counter-terrorist operations, including shielding oil platform of Mumbai and in addition together with anti-hijacking/piracy procedures. Most MARCOS staff are static line parachute certified and many are freefall certified (HALO/HAHO). MARCOS is certainly one of solely a handful of units on earth that is capable of para-dropping in to the ocean with full weight and also their apparatus along. By the ending the two years course, solely 10% – 25% of the total individuals stay. Much like different Indian SPECIAL FORCE UNITS, many MCF staff attend the some 4 week high-altitude commando program function by the Parvat Ghatak school in Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh.

How Well prepared are MARCOS?

MARCOS are generally one of the best equipped maritime force in the world. Previously, the particular marine commandos were being equipped with AK- 47 rifles as well as MP-5 sub-machine guns. However the navy has begun the particular procurement in the advanced included fight method, as well as equipment such as light-weight helmets, vests & weapons, to help reinforce the particular features in the commandos. To bolster the abilities of the commandos.