Manvendera Selected for both NDA and TES SSB

SSB Selection Coaching Chandigarh

Manvendera Selected for both NDA and TES SSB

My First SSB at Banglore 17 SSB

Chest no- 39                                      Screened in-39
Board     – 17 ssb banglore                      Finally recommended-07
Entry      -TES
Reported – 203

I Manvendra would like to share with you my experience at the SSB , my first SSB which was held in banglore at the 17 SSB Banglore Board for TES Entry.

Day 1- I was very excited and was really looking unto the whole process . The pic shown was not at all hazy and was easily interpretable .The discussion was quit loud but i was calm and  put my points across pretty easily whatever was tole to me at New Careers . I followed that.  I was very happy and excited when my chest no. was called ,and it was 39 .

Day 2- The day started with Psychology Test , the tests were very lengthy and took all my energy. The WAT test was quite simple most of the words I had already practiced and was remaining positive . The TAT test had all the pictures which were easy to interpret. SRT i had written was very logical but was lengthy. I did 44 SRT’s  and SDT had basic points involved about me . All the tests went pretty good

Day 3:- The day started with the GTO  Sir taking us for the session day started with Group Discussions , I gave my points and only spoke relevant things. Then we started with the Snake Race we were made to run against the opponent it was fun but was tiring. Individual Obstacles were easy and were fun. Overall it was tiring but was a fun day.

Day 4:- The lecturette and the command task took place along with the Final group Task.During my Command Task i was shouted on by the GTO, but i remained cool and calm, and did not worry too much. Lecturette was Really good and was a lot of fun, I had practiced it a lot at New Careers Academy so was very easy. The Command Task was time consuming , but the FGT was just a mere formality . The day overall was fun but was a bit tiring .

Day5 :- On the conference day i was asked basic questions and if i had any suggestions. and the what I was very eagerly waiting for my chest no. was called when the result was announced.
The best moment of my life, was there.

manvender with capt. sir

How Did NCA help me ?

New Careers Academy Helped me a lot in clarifying my misconceptions and Doubts about the SSB process. it played a pivotal role in increasing my self confidence and also helped me a lot in facing the Interviewer. The  channelised me properly towards achieving my goal and making me what I am today thanks to all my coaches. You have coached me thoroughly for life.

I was referred to NCA by my Aunt .
I found absolutely no New SRT at the SSB. All the SRT’s were the one we did with Capt. Dhaliwal Sir .
In TAT i followed Dhaliwal sir’s approach of writing Simple but meaningful short stories .
In WAT as Hartaj Sir had told us our first reaction combined with meaningful sentences.
And most importantly i was asked about whether i had taken coaching both by the I.O.and the GTO. To which i replied in positive that yes i Had taken coaching from New Careers Academy and basic questions were followed with it as to what all i learnt in NCA and all…

Also i have also cleared the Bhopal Board In which my chest no was 20 at the 21 SSB Bhopal for NDA entry in which 61 reported and 25 were screened in and finally 11 recommended ..

Again thanks to NEW Careers Academy i have reached my goal I am pretty sure all of you will also be able to reach your goals under their guidance .

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