All you want to know About NATIONAL DEFENCE ACADEMY (NDA)

All you want to know About NATIONAL DEFENCE ACADEMY (NDA)

Sudan Block

Sudan Block

All you want to know About NATIONAL DEFENCE ACADEMY (NDA) sudan block

The Sudan Block today is a big image of this Tri-Services Academy. Its Massive Dome is its most attractive and momentous component and weaving machines the scene of the rich Khadakwasla bequest Iike a mammoth. The Dome has an ECC Shell lined with Pink Jodhpur Stone. At its crest is an eight Inch distance across Blue Glass Dharma Chakra. It lingers over a huge top of Taylor Tiles.

The building itself is a huge, convincing vicinity lined with Jodhpur Stone. It has an arcade of Gray Chinchwad stone which has an Octagonal Marble Entrance Hall quickly underneath the arch.

Hut of Remembrance

The grand dedication hovel cherishes and remembers the penances of each one of those graduated class who set out their lives for their homeland. It is a profound spot of motivation for every one of the cadets and officers. Arranged on a grand slope slant, west of the Sudan Block, Hut of Remembrance was constructed by the cadets between January 1956 and May 1957. The Garden around the cottage was finished in 1992 to supplement the peacefulness and the helpful air of the place of worship. In this respectful spot, going out cadets and the officers of the Academy collect in a serious function to pay reverence to the martyred and brightened legends and look for the endowments of God.

Habibullah Hall

Habibullah Hall, named out of appreciation for the first Commandant of NDA at Khadakwasla was built in 1959 at an expense of Rs. 1,25,000.

This amazing twofold storeyed hall, with a seating limit of more than 1700, hosts different occasions, for example, addresses, presentations, musical nighttimes, verbal confrontations, test rivalries, Inter-Battalion mixed bag excitement programs and so on., notwithstanding the groundbreaking Convocation Ceremony. Hindi and English films are screened once per week in the Hall.

The Hall was later remodeled which included enhancements in seats, security standards, inside stylistic layout, outer feel, upgradation of offices and establishment of cutting edge stage hardware and acoustic framework.

VYas Hall

In Jan 1955 when the Academy was formally opened at Khadakwasla, Pune, the NDA library made its humble starting in the Geography Laboratory. Today Vyas Library is arranged on the left flank of the Sudan Block and was named after the famous researcher, educator, golfer and executive, Mr T N Vyas who had been the Principal of NDA for a long time (1953-1968). Before being designated as the Principal of NDA, he had been a recognized House expert at Doon School and had later been the Principal of Mayo College, Ajmer. Vyas Library, in conjunction with NTT building, takes after a grapple from flying perspective.

The NDA helps the cadets to enter the most energizing vocation whether he joins Army, Navy or Air Force by consolidating military and initiative preparing with study for a college degree perceived by the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. The cadets are offered three year under graduate courses prompting B.A., B.Sc. furthermore, B.Sc. Software engineering Degree. As a piece of scholarly preparing, separate periods for visit to library are distributed for cadets. Amid the dispensed periods for library, cadets visit Vyas Library, NDA for reference of books and access of on-line data.
The NDA has all around loaded library, giving yeoman benefit as an archive of learning and data. The library subscribes 49 Indian Journals/Magazines including one outside diary/magazine notwithstanding 12 Newspapers. The library has more than eighty five thousand titles and has likewise access to around 97,000 ebooks and 6000 e-diaries through NLIST (National Library & Information Services for Scholar Content) as a piece of INFLIBNET under UGC Consortium. Vyas Library assets are housed into different stacks (every stack room spreading more than 3000 sq ft in zone) on the ground floor, first floor and storm cellar.

Khetarpal Parade Ground

The NDA parade ground is a sprawling region of landing area before the Manoj Pandey Block. The lofty foundation to the parade ground is given by the QM Fort. The Quarter-Deck towers in the closer view, keeping consistent vigil on cadets experiencing the rigors of foot, stick and stylized drill.


The drill square measures 450 x 150 m. The between administrations character is clear all through the length and broadness of the parade ground. It is reflected in the impeccably situated firearms at the passage and four sides of the landing area, the two T-55 tanks, the towering Quarter Deck pole (99′ 6 3/4″ high) and the two airplanes, speaking to the three Services.

Drill is the bedrock of order. The Adjutant on his white charger is an image of power and order. The terrific finale of the Passing Out Parade is sanctioned every term with perfect timing accuracy in the midst of function and exhibition on this sacred ground. The profound and grave strains of ‘Auld Lang Syne’ arrange the moderate walk at the Passing Out Parade. The parade ground was named ‘Khetarpal Parade Ground’ in everlasting memory of 2/Lt Arun Khetarpal (38 Course/”F” Squadron) who was after death recompensed the Param Vir Chakra for showing unparalleled courage in the Battle of Basantar in 1971.



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