Is SSB Allahabad Really a Rejection Board?

Is SSB Allahabad Really a Rejection Board?

Is SSB Allahabad Really a Rejection Board?

Selection Center East (SCE) is located in Allahabad and consists of various service selection boards 11 SSB, 14 SSB, 18 SSB, 19 SSB, these are selection boards for Army. This is, one of the largest  Selection board for the Indian Army. In case of NDA/CDS/NCC/TGC/UES entry the candidates who are wanting to join Indian Army may be asked to report at the Allahbad Service selection Board. Being one of the biggest boards a large number of candidates report to this board.There is a general myth among the aspirants that this selection board is a rejection board. Lets discuss about this.

Is SSB Allahabad Really a Rejection Board?

Is SSB Allahabad Really a Rejection Board?

1. Well friends one thing you should be clear is that all these Boards are Service Selection Boards. These boards are there for election purposes and not for rejection purposes. So calling them rejection boards is incorrect. One should always have a positive frame of mind, you are going to the various Boards for selections and not for rejections. Go with aim to get selected and not with an  aim to avoid rejection .

2. With that out of the way, one should understand all the SSB’s are presided by trained Assessors trained by DIPR, thereby ensuring equal standards of selection at various SSB whether it is Allahabad, Bhopal , Banglore or any other SSB Center as a matter of fact. So selection process is same for all boards.

3. Since Allahbad board houses half the Army Oriented SSB Boards hence the number of student reporting are also very large, so the number of people not recommended are also in proportion to the number of people reporting.

4. If it were to be a rejection board no selections would eve take place from this board. But large numb rod candidates also pass from this board. So it does not bide with the myth of a rejection board.

5.  To break the myth even more we have a number of candidates who have taken coaching from us, to be selected in the Allahbad Board and that also twice . Here you can have look at the video

In the Conclusion we would like to say that dont believe in things you hear and believe them to be true. Taking any extra negative baggage to the SSB will only lead to a rejection that’s all it is best advised that one should no do that. Have faith in your potential i am sure you will be able to achieve the sky also.

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