Indian Army

Indian Army

Indian Army

Indian Army

Army has approximately 10 lakhs men and women in its rank. It includes about 36000 officers where there is a shortage of bout 13000 officers. President of India is the supreme commander of three services-Army, Navy and Air force. The army headquarter is in New Delhi and it is under the direction of the chief of army staff. He is a general. He is assisted by eight Lt. General who are on vice chief, two deputy chiefs, a military secretary, An adjutant general, the quartermaster general, the master general of ordnance and the engineer of chif.

The army is divided in to following commands:-

  1. The Northern Command – Udhampur
  2. The Western Command – Chandimandir
  3. The Central Command – Lucknow
  4. The Eastern Command – Calcutta
  5. The Southern Command – Pune
  6. The western Southern Command – Jaipur
  7. The training Command – Shimla

These are headed by Lt. Generals.

Note-Corps are also headed by Lt. Generals

Divisions are headed by major General

Brigades are headed by Colonel

These are twelve corps which are organized in armored in divisions, infantry divisions, mountain infantry brigades, infantry divisions and independent infantry, artillery brigades and battalions.

Chief of Army Staff – Gen Dalbir Singh Suhag

Organization of army:

The army is organized in two parts – arms and services as under-

ARMS- Arms Covers those troops which carry out actual operations­­­

SERVICES – The Remaining components of the army are the services. There primary duty is to provide logistic and administration for the army.

Fighting arms:

  1. Armor
  2. Infantry
  3. Mechanized infantry

Supporting arms:

  1. Artillery
  2. Engineers
  3. Army air defence
  4. Army aviation corps
  5. Signals


  1. Army service corps ration, POL, transport and clerks
  2. Army medical corps
  3. Army ordnance corps – armament, ammunition, Vehicles, clothing, and all equipment
  4. Corps of electronics and mechanical engineers – repair and recovery
  5. Army education corps
  6. Remounted veterinary corps
  7. The intelligence corps

tanks and BMPs:

The army has about 3400 battle tanks out of which 1200 are indigenously Vijayanta tank. Additional army has T-55,  T-72, T-90 and T-76 tanks. The Arjun main battle tank has been developed by DRDO. Amphibious T90 tank is also known as bhishma. The mechanized infantry has about 1600 BMP1 and BMP2.

Artillery has the following equipment:

  1. Agni – ICBM, Prithvi-I Prithvi-III – short range ballistic missiles
  2. Pinaka – 214 mm multiple rocket launch system
  3. Alihot 105 mm gun
  4. Bofors
  5. Sultan 130 mm filed gun
  6. Shilka self propelled air defence gun
  7. SAM

ARMY AVIATION CORPS has the following-

Dornier light transport aircraft –


HAL Dhruv Cheetah, and Chetak – All are multirole helicopters

SMALL Arms in the army:

  1. 9 mm pistol
  2. Heckler
  3. Insas 5.56 mm assault rifle
  4. Insas 5.56 mm LMG
  5. Mauser SP 66
  6. 30 mm automatic grenade launcher
  7. 40 RCL 106 MM
  8. IGLA Missile

Rank of Commissioned Officers


GeneralAir Chief MarshalAdmiral
Lt. GeneralAir MarshalVice Admiral
Major GeneralAir Vice MarshalRear Admiral
BrigadierAir CommodoreCommodore
ColonelGroup CaptainCaptain
Lt. ColonelWing CommanderCommander
MajorSquadron LeaderLt. Commander
CaptainFlight LieutenantLieutenant
LieutenantFlying OfficerSub Lieutenant


Chief Of Indian Defence Services

Supreme Commander – President of India

Chief of Army Staff – Gen Dalbir Singh Suhag

Chief of Naval Staff – Admiral Admiral Robin K Dhowan

Chief of Air Staff – Air Chief Arup Raha






1.     SLR- 7.622.     INSAS-5.56

3.     LMG-7.62

4.      Mortar

5.      Tanks T-72,

T-90 Arjun-MBT

6.      Gernade

7.      Mines Anti tank

Anti Personnel

1.      Fighter Aircraft

Jaguar, Mig-21, Mig-23

Mig-25, Mig-27, Mirage

2000, Su-30

2.      Transport Aircraft- AN-32, IL-76

3.      Helicopter-Chetak, Cheetah (for high altitude) MI-25 MI-26, MI-35

4.      Trainer- HPT-32, HJT-KIRAN

5.      Deal Under Finalization AJT-Hawks

1.   Aircraft Carrier INS VIRAT2.   Cruisers INS MAYSORE

3.   DESTROYERS INS Rajput, INS Gomati, INS Godavari, INS Ganga

4.   Submarines INS Chakra, INS Sindhushastra, INS Shalki, INS Arihant (Nuclear)

5.   Frigates-INS Nilgiri

6.   Minesweeper – INS Bhatkal



Er. HartaJ is one of the main Instructors and a part of the team At NCA. He himself has cleared the SSB process thrice, but as per his grandfather's Late Lt. Col H.S.Dhaliwal Wish he is continuing teaching and making officers. Been associated with New Careers Academy for the last 8 years, he also has been succefull in making Second and Third Generation Of officers. Once Taught by his Grandfather and Father Capt. Dhaliwal. He is know all across with students for the way he teaches and he is more of a role model for them .