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Communication in English has become a must nowadays, whether be it in the private sector or the defence field or with your friends. The value of speaking in English has become really important. Since there is nothing impossible in the world similarly speaking in English can easily be developed by an individual by following certain steps. For your benefit we have described them below

Drop the Fear of Speaking

It is a noted fact amongst most of the candidates they fear speaking in the English,  and hence there is lack of confidence and automatically a fear comes in the mind of candidates that they might be laughed on if they speak wrong But if one does not speak the language one cannot improve his communication skills. The only way to attain perfection is to speak the language and one learns by making mistakes. So go ahead and speak without any fear. As you know Rome was not built in a day. Even people with well spoken english also try to improve on a daily basis.

2. Make a conscious effort of thinking  in English

While communicating in the English Language many candidates tend to make a sentence in their mother tongue and then try changing that in English.
When communicating in English language, many students tend to think in their mother tongue and speak in English. So should try and thinking in the English language in the sub conscious mind rather than mother tongue as it would help reduce the time for conversion.

3.  Increase your Vocabulary

One can improve his communication skills by improving ones vocabulary. Read through newspapers for new words and keep noting them down in a register along with the meaning and the sentence connected with it. So one gets to use them in proper order when required . Also noting them down helps remembering more words for usage. Try using the newly learnt words in your normal conversation. It will not only help boost your confidence but also show an insight of your potential.

4. Use Media for educational purposes

Read book , newspaper magazines aloud every day one hour in the morning. The newspaper are very pivotal in improving ones diction also increasing one vocal power. Watching English News channels suc as NDTV, Times Now, Movies etc. helps one improve the pronunciation of various words and also helps one to see how can one maintain the flow of english. The news anchor keep using high and low monotones during the debates hence keeping the audiences activated. This gives one a large amount of exposure, also helps an individual recite and speak better. One way of improving your pronunciation is record your voice and listen to it and notice the places where you need improvement h

5. Speak Slowly

For beginners its the best trick to learn and speak fluent English, one should speak slowly and should pronounce each word clearly so as to develop better skills of speaking. Speaking fast for beginners will lead to cutting down of words and the pronunciation tends to get overlapped, also while  speaking slowly an individual can think much before hand of what topic would he like to speak after his current line of speech..

We will be posting more tricks of improving English Fluency for all the candidates.
God bless you all and wishing you a lot of success in your goal.

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