How to Prepare for PABT?

PABT stands for Pilot Aptitude Battery Test which is conducted by Indian Air Force wing of defense services.  This test is for the selection of pilots in air force that can join in the air force flying branch after the selection procedure. Selection procedure of PABT Includes Written and Machine tests and this type of PABT test pattern is followed by every nation defense selection.

DRDO (Defense Research and development organization) is responsible for designing the PABT Test which is meant to check the candidate’s mental intelligence and capability, Response time, judging power, Quickness of mental activities as how fast one can respond and control his nerves and limbs. It is one of the difficult levels of exam that a candidate can clear if one is sound in all the fields including personality development field.

There are certain tips that candidate need to follow for attending PABT and preparation:

  • Candidate proceeds with every selection step, as first they need to face written test then machine test. Written Test includes all the assessment or instrument reading.
  • Machine Test includes:
  1. Light Control Test (LCT) or sensory motor apparatus test.
  2. Drum Test (DT) or Control of Velocity Test (CVT).
  • Before the beginning of test candidate need to focus on training session of machines that officer used to provide candidates and it is also experienced that if one listens to them keenly and clear doubts at that certain point then, he can easily go through this test.
  • Presence of mind is must for the one who is aiming to face this exam of PABT as, when candidate appears in this exam, one has only first and last chance to clear the exam. That is, there is only one attempt allowed in life time to a candidate.
  • The instrument images that are usually given to a candidate to judge are of following type:
  1. Magnetic Compass
  2. Artificial Horizon
  • Altimeter
  1. Turn and Black indicator
  2. Climb and descent indicator
  3. Air Speed Indicator.

Candidate should perfect in noticing reading for these instruments as they will lead to the main aim and focus of clearing PABT Exam.

  • Candidate should focus on more skill games before attending exam as there are certain such tasks during machine test that help one from these real life task.
  • Attending with free mind to the session of machine demonstration proves more scoring as one can easily grab some key factors about observation of machine test.

That’s all and follows calmness mantra throughout the test rounds for assured success in PABT exam. Stay focused at your ambition and go for PABT, best of luck!!!