How does A young Lt. Look at life

How does A young Lt. Look at life

A Viewpoint From Young Lt. Point’s Of View

It was a pleasure welcoming Lt. SimarPreet Singh back at New Careers Academy.(Now a young lt. inducted in Engineers)  We have been there at the start of his journey when he took his S.S.B. Interview Coaching 4 years back he was very bubbly character which i remember very vividly. Always full of life and always looking forward to the new challenge which would lie in front of him, he would be very vocal and always adding new things while in group discussions giving new points and always looking forward to knowing more and more about the whole S.S.B. Process. His long discussions with, another candidate which i remember Singhania(sir name of the candidates) another one who mad the services in coast guard. Both of them would, keep pushing the limits . In psychology Captain sir would tell me, he would be very attentive and would always look at the most logical solution which could be suited to that situation. Col. Sharma Sir , the GTO would always give the best review for him, and when Brigadier Sir took his interview he was given an A+ by him and then he left for the SSB and the Judgment day came there it was he was selected and also cleared his Medical. A moment for all of us to be super proud of him, he had achieved his goal and now finally when he came back to us he came as A Lt. and he had donned the olive green dress.


Now lets debrief you on was Lt. Simarpreet Singh had to say to all candidates who were at New Careers Academy preparing for written and SSB coaching ..

We introduced him to all the aspiring candidates who were there for the same purpose as once he had come and he then took an array of questions form everyone. Please note down his simplicity while answering such questions .


With simar

Question 1. Sir how does it feel a part of the services?

Lt. Simarpreet Of course it was my dream profession which i wanted to get into and the day i become a lt. It was my dream which has come true. It is something that was aim every since i started growing up.
Question 2. What do you plan to do in Army?

Lt. Simar my only plan now is to complete my engineering and join my unit and be an asset to my unit . To me everyday is a new challenge being in services. It brings a new challenge . For me the work assigned to me on everyday basis is my work. The present is what i focus on, and nothing else.

Question 3. What kind of preparation one needs to do for S.S.B.?

Lt. Simar I feel the best judge for this would be the mentors here and not me as i was guided by them. I took there advice i remember my days training here, i would speak a lot in g.d’s and every morning was a new challenge to me, I would even call my father to know more points if i can speak or not . I practised speaking looking in the mirror and would always give my best while speaking in the lecturette. I paid to attention to all the details at the ssb i spoke with all my conviction and honesty and it helped me a lot and finally i was recommended.and the staff here is the best and I am not saying this a part of promotion or anything but thats the reality.  This thing reminds me of  a story i want to share with you, Once there was a  deer who was in labour pain and while she was in pain she was being chased by tiger from behind who wanted to kill her. As she ran on the left side was a very steep ditch if she would fall in that she would not survive, and on the right side was a fire which engulfed the forest, and in front was a hunter who wanted to kill her. She decided to do her job and she gave birth to her young one and let the fate be in the god hands. As she gave the birth a lightning struck which distracted the hunter and he shot the line with the lightening coming the rain gods opened and the fire was doused and the deer delivered the birth . Both her and the baby survived . What i want to tell from this story is do you work and let rest be in the hands of god. If you are not willing to give your best and keep worrying what to do you will never achieve your goals and yes most importantly have faith in your guru. Thats what helped me be what i am.



Question 4.  What is your advice to all the written candidates ?

Lt. Simarpreet , do everything with all your heart .Do study on everyday basis long term goals are only successful if you have daily short term goals. Put every day as a challenge and put a target you want to achieve. So give your best and yes make sure the quality of time is more important than quantity of time.


Lt. Simarpreet


I Am extremely proud of him and seeing him being in the olive green dress puts immense pleasure on my face and i would love to wish him more of success and happiness for the future.


Hartaj Dhaliwal



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