For all Defence Candidates Clean India Campaign And Schemes

For all Defence Candidates Clean India Campaign And Schemes


Swachh swasth sarvatra
*Swachh swasth sarvatra is a joint intiative of the ministry of health &family welfare and ministry of drinking water&sanitation launched in 2016.
*It leverages achieverements of two complementsary programmes-swachh bharat mission (SBM) and kavakalp- of the ministry of drinkingwater and sanitation and ministry of health and family welfare respectively.
The three key components of swachh swasth sarvatra are:
*Community helath centres(CHCs) in open defecation free (ODF) blocks supported to achieve kayaklp certifications.
*Gram panchayat of kayalalp primary health centres(PHCs) prioritized to become ODF.
*Training in wash (water,sanitation and hygiene)of CHC/PHC nominees.
*Launched on October 2,2014 swachh bharat mission (SBM)is being implemented by the ministry of housing and urban affairs in urban areas and by the ministry of drinking water and sanitation in rural areas.
*Components of SBM: household toilets,including conversion of insanitary  latrines into pour flush latrines: community toilets; awareness and IEC (information,education and communication) campaign.
*Elimination of open defecation.
*Eradication of manual scavenging.
*Modern and scientific municipal solid waste management.
*To effect behavioral change regarding healthy sanitation practices.
*Generate awareness about sanitation and its linkage with public health.
*Capacity augmentation for urban local bodies.
*Creating an enabling environment for private sector participation.
Funding pattern
75.25(75% by central government and 25% by state government state governments)and 90:10 for north –eastern and special category states.
The swatch bharat mission will be in force till October 2,2019.
Key achievements under swatch bharat mission:
Sanitation coverage improved to 60%
100 swatch iconic places (sip)of historical and cultural significance will attain the highest levels of swachhta as per global standards.20 of these have been selected in phase 1 and phase 2.
11 states and union territories uts have been declared open defecation free(ODF).these states/uts are Sikkim, himachal Pradesh , kerala ,  uttarkhand , haryana, Gujarat, Chandigarh daman and diu, arunchal Pradesh,chattisgarh and Meghalaya.
It is a ranking exercise to assess rural and urban areas for their levels of cleanliness and active implementation of swatch bharat mission in a timely and innovative manner.
The union ministry of housing and urban affairs takes up the swatch surekshan in urban areas and the ministry of drinking water and sanitation in rural areas.
The quality council of india (QCI) has been given the responsibility of carrying out the cleanliness assessment.
Mysuru emerged as the cleanest city in 2016 and indore  in 2017.
In an effort to make the villages open defecation free and improving the lives of villages ,the government has announced the launch of galvanizing organic bio-agro resources agro( gobar-dhan ).
This will manage and convert cattle dung and solid waste in farms to compost ,bio-gas and bio-cng.
The scheme will also generate an alternate source of income for the farmers.
It has been launched to provide value and quality addition to the ongoing rural drinking water supply program me to mainly address the water quality in rural areas.
It involves installation of standalone purification system in rural schools.
It is implemented by the state governments through the gram panchayat/villages water and sanitation committees/self help groups.


For people who missed the earlier, updates you can go through the following link for the schemes for job creation.

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