For All Defence Candidate California Wildfire

For All Defence Candidate California Wildfire

California Wildfire


The Recent Forest Fires In California United States, Is Considered As The Most Destructive Wildfire In The State’s History. After An Extended Dry Season, Powerful Winds Swept Flames Through Paradise Town In Northern California.

Key Points

According To The US Drought Monitor,18 % Of The State Is Currently Experiences Severe Drought, Which Is Exacerbating The Seasonal Weather Patterns That Make It Difficult To Fight Fires In The State.

As Per The Climate Change Impact In The United States Report, Increased Warming Drought And Insect Outbreaks ,All Caused By Or Linked To Climate Change Are Responsible For The Increased Wildfires.

Effect Of Wildfire

Loss Of Ecosystem: Forest Fires Destroy The Habitats And The Intricate Relationships Of Diverse Flora And Fauna Leading To Loss Of Ecosystem And Biodiversity.

Forest Degradation: Wildfire Is A Major Cause Of Forest Degradation Destroying Thousands Of Acres Of Trees And Vegetation Cover. It Reduces The Quality Of Certain Forest Features Like Soil Fertility ,Biodiversity And Ecosystem.

Air Pollution : Forest Fires Increase The Concentration Of Greenhouse Gases And Carbon Dioxide And Other Air Pollutants In The Air. It Also Means Less Forest Available To Purify The Air.

What Fuels Wildfires

Longer Fire Season

Fire Season In Most Places Has Gone Up From 2 Months To 5 Months ,Or Full Year

More Dead Wood

Dry Weather Means More Dead Trees, Shrubs And Grass And More Fuel For The Fire.

Invading Bugs Killing Trees

Warm Weather Leads To Beetle Invasion, Killing Tree-Parts And Increasing The Amount Of Flammable Material

Lighting Strikes

High Temperature Can Trigger More Lightning Which Can Set Blazes

Feedback Loop: Wildfires Make Global Warming Worse

Burning Forests Release Stored Carbon ,Adding To Global Warming

Hot And Dry

High Temperature& Droughts Create Ideal Conditions For Wildfires

New Dry Plants

Plants That Like Humidity Are Replaced By More Flammable Plants That Withstand Dry Conditions

Thirsty Trees Drink More Water

Water-Stressed Trees Send Deep Roots To Suck Up All The Water They Can, Further Drying Out The Soil

Blazes Out Of Control

Warming Boosts Fire Intensity Heightened Intensity Neutralises Efforts To Put The Blaze Out

How Much India Is Prepared To Fight Wildfire?

India’s Forests Are Also Facing Similar Challenges According To The State Of Environment Report Of The Centre For Science And Environment (CSE) Between 2015-2017,Instances Of Forest Fires Increased By 125%.

In 2017, The Maximum Number Of Forest Fires Were Reported In Madhya Pradesh Followed By Odisha And Chhattisgarh’s National Institute Of Disaster Management Report On Forest Fires Says 50 % Of The Country’s Forests Are Prone To Fire.

But India’s Firefighting Potential Is Not As Good As It Should Be And The Country Lacks Fire Protection Planning Knowledge And Incentive. India Also Doesn’t Have A Strong And Clear Na Tackle Forest Fires.

Foresters Still Fight Forest Fires Using Outdated Methods, When Systematic Modern Fire Management Techniques And Methods Have Been Adopted In The Rest Of The World. According To The CSE Report, Nearly 46-65% Of The Money Allocated Under The Forest Management Schemes Has Not Been Utilised.

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