For All Defence Aspirants Why India Should Ge Given Permanent Membership?

For All Defence Aspirants Why India Should Ge Given Permanent Membership?

Why India Should Be Given A Permanent Membership?

India Is The World ‘S Largest Liberal Democracy And A Country Representing Almost One -Sixth Of Humanity.

India Is The World’s Fifth Largest Economy.

India Is One Of The Largest Contribution To UN Peacekeeping Mission Around The World With More Than 100,000 Indian Troops Having Served In UN Missions In The Past 50 Years.

India Has Served Seven Times To The UN Security Council As A Non -Permanent Member, Most Recently From 2011 To 2012,After Receiving 188 Of The Total 190 Votes.

India Is One Of The Founding Members Of The United Nations

A Seat For India Will Make The Body More Representative And Democratic. With India As A Member, The Council Would Become A More Legitimate And Thus A More Effective Body.

Initiatives Taken By India For UNSC Membership Reforms

India Has Undertaken A Series Of Initiatives, Both At Bilateral And Multilateral Levels, In Pursuance Of Permanent Membership In An Expanded And Reformed UN Security Council.

India Is Working With Like -Minded Countries Like Brazil, Germany And Japan Who Also Aspire For A Reformed UNSC As Well As The L.69 Grouping For A Reformed UNSC.


The L.69 Group Comprises Of Developing Countries From Africa, Latin America And The Caribbean, Asia And The Pacific.

They Form A Major Bloc That Is United By The Common Cause Of Achieving The Lasting And Comprehensive Reform Of The United Nations Security Council.

The Group Currently Has 42 Countries As Its Members.

India Is Also Actively Engaged In The Ongoing Intergovernmental Negotiation On UNSC Reforms At The United Nations.

Since September 2016, India Has Been Participating In The Meetings Of The Group Of Friends On Security Council Reform.

Supporters Of India’s Bid

India’s Bid For The Permanent Membership Of UNSC Is Now Backed By Four Of The Five Permanent Members, Namely France, Russia, The United Kingdom, And The United States.

Other Countries That Have Officially Endorsed India’s Bid For UNSC ,Membership Include All The Members Of The African Union And Countries Like Norway, Sweden ,Australia, Peru Etc.

Opposition To India’s Bid

China Has Not Openly Supported India’s Bid For UNSC Membership.

Pakistan Has Been Very Vocal Against India’s Inclusion In The UNSC As A Permanent Member.

The Group Of Countries Called A  Uniting For Consensus (UFC) Is Strongly Against G-4’s Bid For Permanent Membership Of UNSC.

UfC Includes,Canada,Malta,Italy,Pakistan,Mexico,Egypt,Argentina,South Korea , Spain , Turkey And Indonesia.



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