For All Defence Aspirants United Nations Security Council Sanctions Regime-Nca Academy

For All Defence Aspirants United Nations Security Council Sanctions Regime-Nca Academy

United  Nations Security Council Sanctions Regime

Recently Jem Chief Maulana Masood Azhar Was Listed As A Global Terrorist “At The Un Security Council Resolution 1267 Sanctions Committee.

What Is A UNSC Sanctions Committee?

The Security Council Can Take Action To Maintain Or Restore International Peace And Security Under Chapter Vii Of The UN Character. Since 1966,The Security Council Has Established 30 Sanctions Regimes Against ISIL,  AI, Qaeda And The Taliban.

What Is The 1267 Sanctions Committee?

The UNSC Resolution Was Adopted Unanimously On October 15, 1999.It Is A Consolidated List Of People And Entitles It Has Determined As Being Associated With Ai Qaeda Or The Taliban, And Laws Which Must Be Passed Within Each Member Nation To Implement The Sanctions.

Indonesia Is The Current  Chair Of 1267 Sanctions Committee And Will Continue Till The End Of 2019.

United Nations Security Council (UNSC)

The United Nations Charter Established Six Main Organs Of The United Nations, Including The Security Council.

It Gives Primary Responsibility For Maintaining International Peace And Security Council, Which May Meet Whenever Peace Is Threatened.

All Members Of The United Nations Agree To Accept And Carry Out The Decisions Of The Security Council.

While Other Organs Of The United Nations Make Recommendations To Member States, Only The Security Council Has The Power To Make The Decisions That Member States Are Then Obligated To Implement Under The Charter.

Unsc Has 15 Members Of Which Are 5 Permanent Members Are Elected For Two Years Terms By The Un General Assembly.

Five Permanent Members Are –US,UK ,France , Russia, And China.

India Has Served In UNSC  As Non Permanent Members For Seven Terms (A Total Of 14 Years ),With The Most Recent Being The 2011-12 Term.

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