For All Defence Aspirants Sanctions By U.S. on IRAQ and its Effect on India

For All Defence Aspirants Sanctions By U.S. on IRAQ and its Effect on India

For All Defence Aspirants Sanctions By U.S. on IRAQ and its Effect on India

US Imposes Sanctions On Iran

The United States Has Re-Imposed Sanctions On Iran And It Has Come Into Effect From November 5, 2018.This Is The Second Round Of Sanctions Targeting Oil And Petrochemicals In Iran. The First Sanction Took Effect From August 7, 2018 Targeting Iran’s Aviation Sector ,Auto Industry, Trade In Gold And Precious Metals Etc.

Iran Nuclear Programme & JCPOA

In 2015, Iran With The P5+1 GROUP OF WORLD POWERS -THE US,UK France China, Russia And Germany And The EU Agreed On A Ong -Term Deal On Its Nuclear Programme.

The Deal Was Named As Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action (JCPOA) And In Common Parlance As Iran Nuclear Deal.

The Deal Came After Years Of Tension Over Iran’s Alleged Efforts To Develop Nuclear Weapons.

Iran Insisted That Its Nuclear Programme Was Entirely Peaceful, But The International Community Did Not Believe That.

Under The JCPOA ,Iran Agreed To Limit Its Nuclear Activities By Stopping Uranium Enrichment And Allowing The International Agencies To Inspect Its Nuclear Facilities In Return For The Lifting Of Economic Sanctions.

US Withdrawal From JCPOA

The US Has Alleged That The Deal With Iran Failed To Address The Threat Of Iran’s Missile Programme And Did Not Include A Strong Enough Mechanism For Inspections And Verification Of Iran’s Nuclear Sites.

In May 2018,US Pulled Out Of Iran Nuclear Deal -JCPOA And Threatened To Impose Sanctions On Iran And On Nations Doing Significant Amount Od Trade With Iran.

However, No Other Signatory Of The Deal Has Supported The US Stand On The Deal And Even The UN Has Expressed Grave Misgivings About The Decision. The US Has Given No Evidence That Iran In Any Way Violated The Terms Of The JCPOA.

The International Atomic Energy Agency’s June Report Concluded That Iran’s Stockpile Of Uranium And Heavy Water, As Well As Its Implementation Of Additional Protocols ,Were “ In Compliance” With The Agreement.

Impact On India

The US Decision Will Have An Impact On World Oil Prices. Iran Is Presently India’s Third Largest Supplier Of Crude Oil ( After Iraq And Saudi Arabia) And Any Increase In Prices Will Hit Both Inflation Levels As Well As The Indian Rupee.

India Seeks To Develop The Port In Chabahar As A Part Of Her Plans To Circumvent Pakistan’s Blocks On Trade With Afghanistan. However, The New US Sanctions Could Slow Or Ever Bring Those Plans To A Halt. Any Further Restriction Will Make India’s Chabahar Plans More Expensive And Even Unviable.

India Has Been A Founder Of The International North South Transport Corridor (INSTC) Since It Was Ratified In 2002. INSTC Starts From Iran To Russia Via Central Asia, Thereby ,Cutting Down Transportation Time By About 30% .New US Sanctions Will Affect The Plans If Any Of The Countries Along The Route Or Banking And Insurance Companies Dealing With The INSTC Plan Also Decide To Adhere To US Restrictions On Trade With Iran.

EU Parliament Approves Ban On Single -Use Plastics

Recently, The European Union Parliament Overwhelmingly In Favour Of An EU-Wdie Ban On Single Use Plastics Such As Straws,Curtley, Cotton Buds And Balloon Sticks.

Key Points

The Legislation Calls For Plastic Items Where No Alternatives Are Available To Be Rreduced By At Least 25 % Of Consumption By 2025.

Under The Ban, Drinks Bottles And Other Plastics Will Have To Be Collected Separately And Recycled At A Rate Of 90 % By 2025.

The Legislation Calls For Reducing Waste From Tobacco Products Plastic, By 50% By 2025 And 80 % By 2030.

It Calls For Recycling At Least 15 % Of Fishing Gear -Which Accounts  For 27% Of The Litter On Europe’s Beaches By 2025.

Producers Of Fishing Gear Containing Plastic Will Also Need To Assume The Cost Of Collecting Litter And Help Meet The Recycling Target.

Why The Need For A Legislation?

The Legislation Is Needed To Protect The Environment And Cut Damage From Plastics That Will Rise To An Estimated 22 Billion Euros By 2030.

Businesses Will Benefit From One Set Of Rules For An EU Market Of Around 500 Million People.

It Will Encourage EU Companies To Develop Economics Of Scale And Become More Competitive In The Booming Global Market For Sustainable Products.

The EU Push To Crack Down On Plastic Use Follows China’s Decision To Ban Imports Of Foreign Waste Products For Recycling .


The Legislative Puts EU On Track As A Global Leader In Reducing Plastic Pollution And Pioneering Stronger Circular Economics. However, The Legislation Has Missed An Opportunity To Close A Legal Loophole On The Definition Of Single-Use Plastics(The Lack Of Definition Allows Products To Be Labelled As Re-Usable).

The Legislation Would Discourage Investment Needed To Develop Ways To Recycle Plastics.






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