For All Defence Aspirants Role of Ethics In Media

For All Defence Aspirants Role of Ethics In Media

Role of ethics in media

Freedom and responsibility of media has always been held in high regards. Since colonial times media has played a significant role in enlightenment and empowerment of the masses. But in the present times media is struggling with several issues.

Issues involved

The values of journalism-truth objectivity humanity and accountability-seem to be diminishing with news reporters themselves assuming the role of gate keepers.

The news organization appear to be obsessed with lending primacy to their points of view.by mixing views with news the cardinal principles of journalism seem to have taken a back seat.

The digital media provides news in a fastest finger first mode with alerts and flashes on smart phones.in this milieu ,the freedom and responsibility of the media acquire far greater significance than ever before.

Vested interests and mischievous elements will always try to spread false stories.in the recent past, there have been untorturable incidents of moblynchings due to false information on social media.

Freedom and responsibility are inter-dependent on each other. Freedom of media is not absolute and is circumscribed by certain public order, decency or mortality, defamation and contempt of court and sovereignty and integrity of India. Way forward media just enlighten people on their rights as only an informed citizenry can provide the best checks and balances in a democracy it must act as an instrument of reformation in the transformation of India.

The media houses need to be extra carful in checking the veracity of information in the present digital era and guard against fake news disinformation and misinformation.

Media houses must exercises discretion and see that it does not harm viewers. They should not promote programmes which support irrational beliefs. There should also be some check on sponsored health programmes which make exaggerated claims.

Tolerance acceptance and assimilation of diverse viewpoints have been the hallmark of Indian civilization and media houses must promote these values.

Ethical dilemma

You are an officer in charge of implementing a social scheme to provide support to old and destitute women. An old and illiterate woman comes to you show that she fulfils the egilibility criteria .but after meeting her you feel that she is really destitute and living in a pitiable condition. You are in a dilemma as to what to do. Putting her under the scheme of rules. But denying her the support would be cruel and inhuman. What will you do?

Arguments in support of bending the rules: being an officer in charge of implementing the scheme aimed at betterment of old and destitute women the primary requirement is to be compassionate. only by incorporating the value of compassion can any such scheme be implemented in true spirit. This value will, inter alia, require that the old woman gets her due even if it demands an extra step from my end. moreover, to implement a law or scheme in its spirit-and not merely in words-requires me to be flexible as per the situation and not become a prisoner of rules. As a public servant ,well bring of the masses is of prime importance to me. She can be helped with getting some ad-hoc documents to claim the benefits.



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