For All Defence Aspirants Renewable Energy Adoption For Rural Areas

For All Defence Aspirants Renewable Energy Adoption For Rural Areas

Renewable Energy Adoption For Rural Areas

The Process Of Electrification Involves Three Steps: (I) The Extension Of Infrastructure To The Village,(Ii) Connecting The Household And (Iii) Ensuring The Supply Of Reliable And Affordable Energy That Is Sustainable.

With Increasing Pollution Of The Biosphere Due To The Burning Of Fossil Fuels (Thermal Energy), The Development Of Renewable Energy Has Become A Major Societal Challenge.

Also Providing Conventional Grid Connectivity Is Not Economic Due To The Scattered Settlement And Low And Seasonal Income Of Rural Households. A Recent Study From Bihar Suggests That A Critical Determinant Of Access In Rural India Is Proximity To The Central Power Grid. This Essentiality Suggests That Remote Villages In Rural India Would Be Deprived Of Access To Power.

Thus, Decentralised Renewable Energy In The Form Of Mini-Grids And Rooftop Solar Can Play A Crucial Role In Electrifying Villages And Checking Environmental Pollution.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Commonly Refers To Those Energies That Do Not Environment And Could Be Recycled Naturally .Some Sources Of Renewable Energy Are Hydroelectricity, Geothermal Energy, Solar Plants ,Tidal Energy, Wind Energy Biogas Plants Etc.

India Ha Substantial Renewable Energy Potential With A Large Landmass That Receives A Huge Amount Of Solar Radiation. Long Coastal Line And High Wind Velocities, Significant Annual Production Of Biomass And Numerous Rivers And Waterways.

But Adoption Of Renewable Energy Faces Several Challenges Such As Unfamiliarity Of Technology, Economic Feasibility, Lack Of Awareness Of The Environmental Benefits, General Perception That The Technology Can Be Harmful, Fear Of The Administrative Work Involved In Renewable Energy System Etc.

Way Forward

It Is Imperative That Rural India Develops And Adopts Self-Sustaining Community Managed Local Generation ,Storage And Grid Connected Electricity Models. Thus, Cooperatives Can Play A Vital Role In The Electrification Of Villages.

The Government Should Consider Setting Up Of The Solar Plants Through A Large Number Of Renewable Energy Cooperatives Rather Than Through Setting Up Mega Solar Parks.

In Cooperatives Decisions Are Taken Democratically At The Community Level And Often By End Users Thus, Empowering People And Promoting Equal Participation. Further, The Growth Of Energy Cooperatives Particularly In Energy Sector Suggests That Cooperatives Particularly In Energy Sector Suggests That Cooperatives Are Increasingly Being Chosen By People Around The World To Respond To Their Needs.

Private Players Such As Big Industrialists Can Also Take The Lead In Establishing Rural Energy Cooperatives. The Need Of The Hour Is A Private Cooperative Partnership.

Government Initiatives To Promote Solar Energy

Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission: It Is One Of The Eight Key National Mission’s Which Comprise India’s National Action Plan On Climate Change (NAPCC).The Mission Has Set The Ambitions Target Of Deploying 20,000 MW Of Grid Connected Solar Power By 2022,Which Was Revised To 1,00,000 MW By 2022.

Development Of Solar Parks Scheme: It Envisages Setting Up At Least 25 Solar Parks Each With A Capacity Of 500 MW And Above With A Target Of Over 20,000 MW Of Solar Power Installed Capacity In A Span Of 5 Years From 2014-15 To 2018-19.

The Government Is Also Providing 15 % Subsidy For Installation Of Rooftop Solar Power Plant For Non-Industrial And Non-Commercial Categories.

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