For All Defence Aspirants Rainfed Agricultural Area Atlas-Nca Academy

For All Defence Aspirants Rainfed Agricultural Area Atlas-Nca Academy

Rainfed Agricultural Area Atlas
Rain fed agricultural area atlas

Recently, a new rain fed agriculture atlas was released by revitalizing agriculture (RPA) network  highlighting the policy biases that re making farming unviable for many in these areas.

What is rain fed agriculture?

A region is classified as rain fed if assured irrigation is provided to less than 40 % of its net sown area.

Rain fed farming is classified on the basis of adequacy of soil moisture during season into dry land farming & wetland farming.

Rain fed agriculture occupies more than 50 % of the country’s net sown area and accounts for nearly 40 % of the total food production. some of the rain fed agriculture states are Maharashtra ,Chhattisgarh Karnataka, kerala ,Mizoram, Manipur etc.

The rain fed lands suffer from a number of biophysical and socio-economic constraints which affect the productivity of crops and livestock.

These include low and erratic rainfall, land degradation low level of input use and technology adoption. Low. draft power availability ,low productive livestock, and resource-poor farmers and inadequate credit availability.

Revitalizing rain fed agriculture network (RRN)

Revitalizing rain fed agriculture (RRA) network, formed in 2010 is a pan india network of more than 600 members, including eminent academics, policymakers ,and civil society organizations.

It seeks to influence public systems, policy and investments for productive, prosperous and resilient rain fed agriculture.

RRA network has been evolving operational processes for planning and convergence to facilitate the revival of rain fed agriculture.

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