For All Defence Aspirants President’s Rule In Jammu And Kashmir

For All Defence Aspirants President’s Rule In Jammu And Kashmir


President’s Rule In Jammu And Kashmir

After Completion Of Six Months Under Governor’s Rule, President’s Rule Has Been Imposed In Jammu And Kashmir (J&K).

Key Points

In All States Of India, The Failure Of State Machinery Results In President’s Rule Under Article 356 Of The Constitution Of India

The Process Is Lightly Different In Jammu And Kashmir Where Not The President’s But The Governor’s Rule Is Imposed. This Comes From The  Unique Status Accorded To The State By The Constitution Of India.

Under The Governor’s Rule, The State Assembly Is Either Kept In Suspended Animation Or Dissolved If No Alternative Government Is Formed Or The Assembly Is Dissolved Within The Six Months, Then The State Comes Under The President’s Rule For The Following Six Months During Which Elections Have To Be Declared In The State.

President’s Rule Can Be Extended By Another Six Months With The Parliament’s Approval. The Maximum Tenure Of President Rule Is Three Years. This Three Year Period Can Only Be Extended If The Election Commission Of India Certifies That The Holding Of Elections Is Difficult.

In Governor’s Rule Law Making Power, Financial Power, Budgetary Sanction, All These Powers Are The With The Governor. In President’s Rule ,All Such Powers Are Transferred To The Parliament ,The Budget Is Also Passed By The Parliament.

Note: The J & K Assembly Has A Six Year Term While Other Assemblies And The Lok Sabha Have A Five Years Term. Its Term Was To End On March 16,2021.

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