For All Defence Aspirants  Ozone Hole -And Ozone Depletion-NCA ACADEMY

For All Defence Aspirants Ozone Hole -And Ozone Depletion-NCA ACADEMY

Ozone Hole -Ozone Depletion


Ozone Gas Is Continuously Formed By The Action Of Uv Rays On Molecular Oxygen In The Stratosphere. Also, Ozone Is Simulate -Eously Degraded Into Molecular Oxygen In The Stratosphere.

There Should Be A Balance Between Production And Degradation Of Ozone In The Stratosphere So That There Is A Continuous Layer Of Ozone.

Of Late ,This Balance Has Been Disrupted Due To Enhancement Of Ozone Degradation By Chlorofluorocarbons (Cfcs) And Other Ozone Depleting Substances. There Is A Steady Decline Of About 4% In The Total Volume Of Ozone In Earth’s Stratosphere.

Ozone Depletion Is Significant Near Poles (Especially South Place) Than At Any Other Place Because Of High Altitude Polar Clouds Called Polar Stratosphere Clouds Formed During Polar Vortex Events.

Ozone Depleting Substances


Chlorofluorocarbons (Cfcs)-Refrigerants, Cleaning Solvents ,Aerosol Propellants ,And Blowing Agents For Plastic Foam Manufacture.

Halons -Fire Extinguishers/Fire Suppression Systems, Explosion Protection.

Carbon Tetrachloride(Ccl4)- Production Of Cfcs (Feedstock),Solvent /Diluents ,Fire Extinguishers.

Methyl Chloroform(Chcl3) -Industrial Solvent For Cleaning Inks, Correction Fluid

Hydrofluorocarbons (Hfcs)- Cfc Replacements Used As Refrigerants ,Aerosol Propellants, Solvents And Fire Extinguishers. Hfcs Do Not Deplete Stratospheric Ozone, But They Are Greenhouse Gases.

Polar Vortex

A Polar Vortex Is A Large Pocket Of Very Cold Air, Typically The Coldest Air In The Northern Hemi-Sphere Which Sits Over The Polar Region During The Winter Season.It Is Closely Associated With Jet Streams(Rossby Waves).

It Is Formed Mainly In Winter And Gets Weaker In Summer. It Surrounds Polar Highs And Lie Within The Polar Front (Boundary Separating The Temperate And Polar Air Masses).

Nacreous Clouds/Polar  Stratospheric Clouds

Nacreous Clouds, Sometimes Called Mother-Of- Pearl Clouds .They Are Mostly Visible Within Two Hours After Sunset Or Before Dawn. They Form In Frigid Regions Of The Lower Stratosphere, Some 15-25 Km( 9-16 Mile) High And Well Above Troposphere Clouds. They Are Bright Even After Sunset And Before Dawn Because At Those Heights There Is Still Sunlight. They Are Seen Mostly During Winter At High Latitudes Like Scandinavia ,Iceland ,Alaska And Northern Canada, Sometimes However, They Occur As Far South As England.

PSCs Contain Water, Nitrite Acid And/Or Sulfuric Acid. They Are Formed Mainly During The Event Of Polar Vertex In Winter More Intense At South Pole. The Chlorine-Catalyzed Ozone Depletion Is Dramatically Enhanced In The Presence Of PSCs(Finally This Is How Polar Vortex Contributes To Ozone Depletion).

Measures To Prevent Ozone Layer Depletion

Monitoring Of Ozone Layer Is Taken Up By

World Meteorological Organization

World Weather Watch

Integrated Global Ocean Services Systems

Global Climate Observing System

Further, Use Of HCFCS (Hydro chlorofluorocarbons) As A Substitute For Cfcs Is Being Recommended On Temporary Basis Because HCFCS Are Relatively Less Damaging To Ozone Layer As Compared To Cfcs, But They Are Also Not Completely Ozone Safe.

Montreal Protocol (1987)

The Montreal Protocol On Substances That Deplete The Ozone Layer( A Protocol To The Vienna Convention (1985) For The Protection Of The Ozone Layer) Is An Ozone Layer By Phasing Out The Responsible For Ozone Depletion.

As A Result Of The International Agreement, The Ozone Hole In Antarctica Is Slowly Recovering.

Climate Projections Indicate That The Ozone Layer Will Return To 1980 Levels Between 2050 And 2070. It Is The Single Most Successful International Agreement To Date.

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