For all Defence Aspirants New Act Essential Commodities Act, Financial sector assessment programme

For all Defence Aspirants New Act Essential Commodities Act, Financial sector assessment programme


Essential commodities act
The essential commodities act 1955, was enacted to ensure the easy availability of essential commodities to consumers and to protect them exploitation by unscrupulous traders.
The state government are fully empowered under the act to regulate production ,distribution supply and prices of the items which are declared as essential commodities in the respective states.
The list of essential commodities is reviewed from time to time with references to their production and supply and in the light of economic liberization in consulation with the concerned ministries/departments administering these commodities.
NITI aayog has recommended for completely removing agriculture commodities from the essential commodities act.

Financial sector assessment programme (FSAP)
It is a joint program of the international monetary fund (imf) and the world bank.
It is an analysis of key financial system vulner abilities and risks,together with an assessment of the resilience of the financial system.
In its report FSAP appreciates india’s initiatives in financial inclusion,digitalization,strengthening banking supervision,improving regulation in securities market and enhancing investment in infrastructure sector.
Start up
Start up sangam intiative was launched by ministry of petroleum and natural gas.
It was launched for bringing innovations in the technology in heavy oil and gas industry.
Under the intiative a corpus of 320 crore has been put together by contribution of various PSUs like –indian oil corporation,ONGC, engineers india ltd.etc.
The selected start-ups will work in various energy fields such as converting waste plastics to petroleum fuels,solar stove,multi purpose fuel from agricultural waste biomass and leak detectors for liquefied natural gas(LNG) cylinders etc.
Saathi scheme
Sustainable and accelerated adoption of efficient textile technology to help small industries (SAATHI) scheme has been jointly lanched by ministry of power and ministry of textile.
The intitative will be jointly implemented by energy efficient services limited(EESL) and the office of the textile commissioner on a pan –india basis.
E rakam portal for selling agri-culture
The government recently launched an e-auction portal e-rakam for selling agricultural produce.
This portal is a joint intiative of state-run- auctioneer MSTC and central railside warehousing company (CRWC).
This portal has been launched in order to help farmers get reasonable price for the produce and not fall prey to middlemen as well as save them the effort of carting the produce to the mandi.
The farmers will be paid directly into their bank accounts.
E shakti intiative
It is an intiative launched by the micro credit and innovation department of NABARD in line with the digital india drive.
Project aims to integrate SHG members with national financial inclusion agenda.



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