For All Defence Aspirants National Human Right Commission-Nca Academy

For All Defence Aspirants National Human Right Commission-Nca Academy

National Human Rights Commission

2018 Marked The 25th Anniversary Of The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC).NHRC Reviews The Safeguards Provided By The Constitution Or Any Law In Force For The Protection Of Human Rights And Recommends Measures For Their Effective Implementation.

NHRC Was Established In 1993 Under The Protection Of Human Rights (PHR) Act, 1993.

The Commission Is A Multi-Member Body Consisting Of A Chairman And Four Members.

The Chairman Of The NHRC Is A Person Who Has Been Chief Justice Of The Supreme Court.

The Chairman And Members Hold Office For Five Years Or Till The Age Of Seventy Years, Whichever Is Earlier.

The Selection Committee Tasked With Appointing The Chairperson And The Members To The Commission Is Headed By The Prime Minister And Consists Of Home Minister, Leaders Of The Opposition In The Lok Sabha And Rajya Sabha.

The Functions Of NHRC Are Mainly Recommendatory In Nature And The Recommendations Are Not Binding On The Concerned Authorities.

The Commission ‘S Headquarters Is In Delhi But It Can Also Establish Office At Other Places In India.

Every Five Years NHRC Has To Undergo Accreditation By An Agency Affiliated To The UN Human Rights Council (UNHCR). Getting An A-Status In The Accreditation Will Enable The NHRC To Play A Pivotal Role In The Decision Making Processes Of The UNHCR And Other Important International Bodies.

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