For All Defence Aspirants Kyoto Protocol

For All Defence Aspirants Kyoto Protocol

Kyoto protocol

About it

Kyoto protocol was established under the UNFCCC in 1997 it is an international environment protection agreement it came into force in 2005 after getting the required ratification with almost universal membership,it has its HQ at bonn in germany.

Two commitment periods

Kyoto protocol has two commitment periods from 2008 to 2012 & from 2013 to 2020 the period expired in 2012 & the second came into force from 2013 paris climate agreement is going to replace Kyoto protocol from 2020.

First commitment period

Kyoto-I set binding emission reduction target for industrialization nations to reduce GHG emissions by an average of 5% below 1990 levels USA never ratified Kyoto protocol and Canada withdrew later in 2011.

Second commitment period

It is known as doha amendment to Kyoto protocol it was adopted at doha (Qatar) in December 2012

It covered on more GHG –nitrogen triflouride (NF3)

To conclude it was a good start to save the planet but its success remains limited as US kept itself away from it covered only 18% of the global greenhouse gases(GHG) emitters.

Kyoto remained the capital of japan located in central japan on river kamo of japan is one of the important industrial centres of japan famous for Buddhist.


A capital city of Qatar CoP-18 of UNFCCC was held here in 2012 doha agreement of 2012 extended Kyoto protocol further till 2020 located on Persian gulf.

India & Kyoto protocol

India ratified the second commitment period of Kyoto protocol in 2017 india is a non –annex party to the UNFCCC. kyoto emission reduction norms were not applicable on india.

GHGs covered by the Kyoto protocolcarbondioxide

Methane,Nitrous oxide,HFCs,PFCs,SF6 and SNF3

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