For All Defence Aspirants Know All about the ME too movement

For All Defence Aspirants Know All about the ME too movement

# MeToo Movement

Recently Numerous Accounts Of Sexual Harassment By Women On Social Media Have Named Men Of Accomplishment And Power ,From Journalists And Actors To Comedians And Adverting Professionals. These Accounts Have Shown With Painful Clarity The Culture Of Impunity And Entitlement That Has Enabled Such Men.

Key Points

The Men Have Been Accused Of Abuse Of Power Of Treating Women’s Bodies As Objects And Not As Equal Co-Workers And Friends ,Whose Consent Or Comfort Matters.

Many Of These Allegations Have At Least One Of Three Elements In Common:

Women Who Were Harassed Did Not Speak Out At The Time Because Of A Misogynistic Environment That Normalized Such Behaviour Or Made The Cost Of Speaking Up Too Great To Bear.

They Wish Could To Take Action But Could Not Due To Inefficiency Of Institutional Infrastructure And Support.

They Did Speak Out But Their Complaints Were Dismissed, Or Worse, Boomeranged.

The#Metoo Gained Currency A Year Ago In The U.S When Women Came Out After Another To First Endorse Allegations Of Sexual Assault Against Hollywood Producer Harvey Weinstein.

The Movement Is Helping Women To Make Public Suppressed Memories And Break Free From The Helplessness Or A False Sense Of Humiliation That Kept Them Quiet For So Long.


Issue Involved

Sexual Harassment At Workplace Violates Human Dignity And Restrains Women’s Socio-Economic Choices And Freedom And For The Economy At Large.

Some Women May Be Compelled To Drop Out Of The Workforce Entirely. This Makes An Already Economically Vulnerable Segment Of The Population More So.

Women Who Do Enter The Labour Force But Are Subjected To Sexual Harassment See A Rise In Stress Level And A Drop In Productivity.

The Informal Economy Is Far Worse ,Poor Women Doing Daily Wage Work, For Instance ,Are Prime Targets.

But The Social Media Trial Of A Person A Through The # Metoo Campaign Is Legally Unsound.

To Prevent Such Incidents Of Sexual Harassment At Wok Place The Supreme Court In 19997 Had Laid Down Vaisakha Guidelines Which Was Later Broadened By The Sexual Harassment Of Women At Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition And Redressal )Act Of 2013.

The Central Government Has Also Set Up A Committee Of Group Of Ministers (Gom) To Examine The Existing Legal And Institutional Frame Work To Deal With Complaints Of Sexual Harassment At The Workplace. The Committee Is Headed By The Union Home Minister And Comprises Of Defence Women And Child Development And Road Transport Ministers.

Vaisakha Guidelines

Vaisakha Guidelines Were Laid Down By The Supreme Court In 1997 In Bhanwari Devi Case.

Legally Binding ,These Defined Sexual Harassment And Imposed Three Key Obligations On Institutions-Prohibition Prevention And Redress.

The Supreme Court Directed That They Establish A Complaints Committee ,Which Would Look Into Matters   Of Sexual Harassment Of Women At The Workplace.

The Sexual Harassment Of Women At Workplace (Prevention Prohibition And Redressal )Act,2013

The Act Defines Sexual Harassment ,Lays Down The Procedures For A Complaint And Inquiry And The Action To Be Taken.

It Mandates That Every Employer Constitute An Internal Complaints Committee (Icc) At Each Office Or Branch With 10 More Employees.

The Act States The Complaint Of Sexual Harassment Has To Be Made Within Three Months From The Date Of The Incident.

The Act Also Has Provisions That Deal With Punishment For False Or Malicious Complaint And False Evidence.

Way Forward

As Indian Women Sharpen A Language To Express Their Violations ,Indian Society And Institutions Must Listen, Accept Their Complicity In The Pervasive Injustice That Has Gone So Far And Find A Way To Detoxify Their Spaces.

The Sexual Harassment Of Women At Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition And Redressal) Act,2013 Do Not Consider What To Do With Incidents Of Sexual Harassment That Look Place In The Past. The Act Need To Be Re-Examined With Regard To The Preventive And Remedial Measures For The Woman. Recommendations Of The J.S.Verma Committee (2013) Should Be Considered.



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