For All Defence Aspirants Know all about the Abortion Issue in India

For All Defence Aspirants Know all about the Abortion Issue in India

Abortion Issue In India

Despite Abortion Being Legal In India For Almost Five Decades,Unsafe Abortion Continues To Be The Third Largest Cause Of Maternal Mortality And Accounts For 8% Of All Maternal Deaths In India.

Key Points

A Recent Study Published In Lancet Global Health Estimates That 78% Of The Million Abortions In India Happen Outside Health Facilities.

Abortion In India Is Governed By The Medical Termination Of Pregnancy (MTP) Act, 1971,Which Allows For Termination Of Pregnancy Until Up To 20 Weeks Of Gestation For A Broad Range Of Conditions. But The Then Progressive Act Has Lost Its Relevance Today Given Technological Advancements.

Newer And Safer Technologies Have Made Abortion A Very Safe Out Patient Medical Procedure ,And These Technologies Do Not Even Require Specialist Doctors.

The MTP Act Only Allows Allopathic Doctors With Specialization In Obstetrics And Gynaecology ,Or General Practitioners Who Have Undergone A 12 Day Certification Training To Legally Provide Abortion Services. The Number Of Such Doctors Are Fewer Than 90,000 In India.

Issues Involved

A Majority Of The Indian Population Lives In Rural Areas And Safe Abortion Services Are Not Accessible  In These Areas Due To The Lack Of Trained Providers, And Various Individual And Social Factors.

The Awareness Level Is Also Abysmally Low. A Study Conducted By Ipas Development Foundation (IDF) Among Rural Communities In Bihar And Jharkhand, Indicates That Not Even 30% Women Know That Abortion Is Legal In India.

Further, The Stigma Around Abortion Compels Women To Choose Less Safe Pathways For Termination Of Pregnancy.

For, The Rural Population Abortion Care In The Private Sector Are Not Affordable. Although The Public Sector Provides Services Free Of Charge, These Are Not Adequately Decentralized And Unavailable Closer To The Rural Communities.

Way Forward

Abortion Services Need To Be Decentralized To The Last Mile’s That They Are Accessible To Women Of Rural India.

The MTP Act Should Be Amended To Strengthen Access To Safe Abortion Services And Allow Midlevel Providers Who Are Closer To The Community To Provide Abortion.

Sociocultural Such As Lack Awareness About Legality Of Abortion, Limited Understanding Of The Risks Of Unsafe Abortion ,And The Myths And Stigma Associated With Abortion Should Be Holistically Addressed.

The Judiciary ,Policy Makers, Medical Fraternity And Civil Society Organizations Services Are Available To Target Population.



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