For All Defence Aspirants ISRO Launches Satellite Hysis

For All Defence Aspirants ISRO Launches Satellite Hysis


ISRO launched satellite HysIS

Recently,ISRO ‘s rocket PSLV -C43 launched the hyperspectral imaging satellite (HysIS).the PSLV c43 has also carried 1 micro and 29 nano satellites from eight different countries.

Key highlights of HysIS

HysIS is an earth observation satellite developed by ISRO the satellite was placed in a 636 km sun synchronous polar orbit. The satellite has mission life of 5 years.

The primary goal of HysIS is to study the earth’s surface in visible,near infrared and shortwave infrared regions of the electromagnetic spectrum.

The mission will enable ISRO to capture earth’s surface in finer details.

The satellite date will useful for a wide range of applications including remote sensing to agriculture ,diagnostics and environmental monitoring.

What is hyperspectral imaging?

Hyperspectral imaging is a technique that enables distinctive identification of objects ,materials for processes on earth by reading the spectrum for each pixel of a scene from space.

If thereby creates images with features that would not have been visible to the naked eye.

GSAT -11 launched

Recently, Indian space research organisation’s (ISRO) heaviest communication satellite GSAT-11 was launched by European space agency’s ariane-5 rocket, from Guiana space centre,French Guiana in south America.

ISRO’s rocket GSLV III can carry load up to four thousand kilograms.beyond that capacity,all heavier ISRO payloads are launched by ESA.

GSAT-11 is part of ISRO ‘s high 0throughput communication satellite (HTS) fleet. Two HTSs -GSAT -29 and GSAT -19 are already in space.

Significance of GSAT -11

Faster internet connectivity: gsat will play a vital role in providing broadband services across the country.it will enable greater capacity and high data rates over region due to use of the spot beam technology.

Bharat net connectivity: it will provide substantial bandwidth coverage to gram panchayats for supporting e-governance and other platforms.

VSAT terminals: very small aperture terminal support high data rate applications for enterprise network and consumer broadband applications.

ISRO launches GSAT -7A

Recently, the Indian space and research organisation (ISRO) launched communication satellite GSAT-7A on board the geosynchronous  satellite launch vehicle f-11(GSLV F-11)


GSLV F-11 is the seventh flight of GSLV  MK-II and is equipped with indigenously developed cryogenic upper stage engine.

The satellite is nicknamed as angry bird as it will enhance Indian air force (IAF) capabilities.

It is heaviest satellite launch in GSLV’s MK-II version launch vehicle.

In September 2013, ISRO  launched GSAT-7 (Rukmini),a communication satellite exclusively for navy to monitor Indian ocean region up to 2,000 nautical miles and provide real time inputs to Indian warships, submarines and maritime aircraft.


The satellite will give a boost to the strategic communication and networking capabilities of the IAF.

GSAT-7A will enable  superior real time aircraft to air craft communication and between aircraft and base station.

GSAT-7A is expected to boost the IAF’s network centric warfare capabilities by interlinking all ground based raders ,airborne early warning and control aircraft for surveillance ,maintain air superiority ,gather intelligence by detecting aircraft, vessels and other vehicles in long range.

GSAT-7A weight:2250 kg

Orbit: super synchronous orbit(orbit beyond geosynchronous orbit)

Mission life: 8 years

GSAT-7A is the 35 th communication satellite built by ISRO.

GSAT-7A  is an advanced communication satellite with a Gregorian antenna.

The satellite will operate in the ku band (this frequency range is often used for satellite communications).

Small satellite launch vehicles

Indian space research organisation (ISRO) has completed the design for the small satellite launch vehicles (SSLV).

Key points

SSLV or the baby rocket  will provide on demand access to space with THe rocket assembly taking a mere 15 days and minimum personnel to do it.

It will be used exclusively for small satellites such as nanosats and cubesats.

The payload capacity of the SSLV will be 500-700 kilograms in the lower earth orbit (LEO), less than one third the weight the polar satellite launch vehicles (PLSV) can carry.

It has three sage solid propulsion system, and like the PSLV and GSLV can accommodate multiple satellites, albeit smaller ones.

Currently, small satellites are being piggybacked on the bigger ones launched using the PSLV and the geosynchronous launch vehicle(GSLV).


The decision of the US to deregulate small and micro satellite has given a fillip to the launched services markets.

The small satellite industry has witnessed a manifold spike in the last few years and with  latest innovations in nanotechnology, the size of the satellites is expected to further decrease.

Further ,what was previously inconceivable for even big satellites, is being undertaken very smoothly and efficiently now by small satellite.

With the huge number of a small satellites outpacing the available launchers many small satellites have to remain grounded as they do not find a launcher due to large queue and waiting time.

However, a lot of big space technology entrepreneurs point out that the future small-satellite launch market will favor ride sharing and customized services on larger launch vehicles rather than small satellite launch vehicle.

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