For All Defence Aspirants India -Russia relations since 1947: important landmarks

India-Russia Relation Since 1947: Important Landmarks

In 1947,The Stalin -Led Soviet Became One Of The First Countries To Recognize India’s Independence.

Even Before India Became Independent, An Official Announcement Was Made On April 13, 1947 On The Establishment Of Diplomatic Relations Between India And The Soviet Union.

The Soviet Union Also Showed Great Interest In Pakistan Which Instead Showed More Interest In An Alliance With The West Instead Showed More Interest In An Alliance With The West Instead Of Soviet Union. Soviets Became Pro-India Since Then, Evidenced By Their Coming To More Neutral Positions On Kashmir And Goa.

Soviet Union Used Its Veto Power To Block Anti-India Initiatives On Jammu & Kashmir (First In February 1957 And Then Again In June 1962)And Goa (In December 1961).

IIT Bombay Was Established In 1958 With Assistance From UNESCO And The Soviet Union And Was Stocked With Soviet Equipment.

The Soviets Declared Their Neutrality During The 1962 Sino Indian War And Helped Broker A Peace Agreement During The 1965india Pakistan War. The USSR Agreed To Transfer The Then Cutting Edge Technology To Co Produce The Mig 21 Fighters In India (Something Which Was Denied To China Earlier).

The Military -Technical Assistance The USSR Was Providing To India Came With The Advantage Of Payment In Non -Convertible Rupees Through A Rupee-Rouble Credit Fund Set Up By The Soviets, Thereby Saving Scarce Foreign Currency.

Indian Debts To The USSR Could Be Paid Back In Goods As Per The Agreement Between The Two Nations. So, Traditional Export Commodities Like Indian Tea, Leather, Textile Goods, And Agricultural Products Dotted Many A Soviet Households(Apart From The Raj Kapoor Films Popular In The USSR.

USSR Also Played A Major Role In Building India’s Energy Sector By Building Dozens Of Factories Throughout India For Producing Heavy Machinery ,For Manufacturing Of Steel Some Of Which Was Also Exported To The USSR ,For Generating Power, And For Extracting And Refining Oil.

The 1971 Treaty Contained A Pledge Of Military Assistance; It Was A Significant Departure From India’s Stance Of Non-Alignment.

ISRO Built India’s First Satellite , Aryabhatta, Which Was Launched By The Soviet Union On April 19,1975.

Rakesh Sharma Became The First Indian In Space In 1984,When He Flew Abroad The Soviet Spacecraft Soyuz T-11.

In 1991,About 70% Of Indian Army’s Armaments ,80% Of Its Air Force Systems, And 85% Of Its Naval Platforms Were Of Soviet Origin.

In 1991, Two Watershed Moments Happened-Economic Liberalisation Was Introduced In India, And The Soviet Union Was Disintegrated.

Soviet Disintegration Met With Shock And Disbelief In Indian Foreign Policy Circles. In The Early 1990s,Discussions Were About Managing India’s Rupee -Rouble Debt That Had Accumulated Over The Years Of The Soviet Union’s Favourable Trade Policy.

In October,2016 (Goa), The Two Adopted A Joint Statement, Partnership For Global Peace And Stability, Which Resulted In 19 Cooperation Agreements In Areas Including Defence ,Space, Trade And Investment, Hydrocarbons And Railways.

Indo Russian Energy Cooperation Has Acquired New Dimensions Particularly In The Hydrocarbons And Nuclear Sector. In August 2017,Russia’s Largest Oil Producer ,Rosneft Acquired Essar Oil Refinery And Port (Vadinar,Gujarat)In A $12.9 -Billion Deal.

India -Russia Civil Nuclear Cooperation Is An Important Dimensions In The Strategic Partnership.It Includes Transfer Of Nuclear Power Reactors, Fuel Supply Agreement, Agreement To Transfer Reprocessing Technology And Enrichment Technology.

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