For All Defence Aspirants India Based Neutrino Observatory-Nca Academy

For All Defence Aspirants India Based Neutrino Observatory-Nca Academy

India Based Neutrino Observatory

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) Has Upheld The Environmental Clearance Granted In March 2018 To The India –Based Neutrino Observatory (INO) , A Major Scientific Research Facility That Is Proposed To Be Constructed In The Bodi West Hills (Theni District )Of Tamil Nadu.

The Site Which Is Near The Kerala –Tamil Nadu Border Is Close To The Mathikettan Shoal National Park.

The Tata Institute Of Fundamental Research Is The Nodal Institution. The Observatory Is To Be Built Jointly With The Department Of Atomic Energy And The Department Of Science And Technology.

The Observatory Will Be Located Underground So As To Provide Adequate Shielding To The Neutrino Detector From Cosmic Background Radiation.

What Is A Neutrino?

Proton, And Electron Are Tiny Particles That Make Up Atoms. The Neutrino Is Also A Tiny Elementary Particle, But It Is Not Part Of The Atom. Such Particles Are Also Found To Exist In Nature.

Neutrino Has A Very Tiny Mass And No Charge. It Interacts Very Weakly With Other Matter Particles.

Neutrinos Come From The Sun (Solar Neutrinos )And Other Stars, Cosmic Rays That Come From Beyond The Solar System, And From The Big Bang From Which Our Universe Originated. They Can Also Be Produced in the Lab.

LIGO India

Recently, The Environment Ministry Has Allowed Scientists To Test The Suitability Of Land In Maharashtra’s Hingoli District Host The Ambitious “Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO )Project”.

The Project Involves Constructing A Network Of L-Shaped Arms, Each Four Kilometers Long, Which Can Detect Even The Faintest Ripples From Cosmic Explosions Millions Of Light Years Away.

The Project Is Piloted By The Department Of Atomic Energy And Department Of Science And Technology And Is Expected To Be Ready By 2025.

LIGO India Is A Planned Advanced Gravitational –Wave (GW) Detectors. Two Are At Hanford In The State Of Washington And One Is At Livingston In Louisiana.

What Are Gravitational Waves?

Gravitational Waves Are Distortions Or Ripples In The Fabric Of Space Time Caused By Some Of The Most Violent And Energetic Processes In The Universe.

They Transport Energy As Gravitational Radiation And Pass Through Matter Without Interacting With It.

Gravitational Waves Were First Predicted In 1916 By Albert Einstein On The Basis Of His Theory Of General Relatively.

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