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Hindu Kush Himalayan Assessment Study

Recently, The Hindu Kush Himalayan Assessment Study Has Been Released By The International Centre For Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD).

Key Points

The Hindu Kush Himalayan Region Is Of Critical Importance, Given That If Holds The Largest Ice Mass After The North And South Poles, And Has Been On A Constant Warming Trend Since The 1970s. It Covers 3,500 Km Across Eight Countries, Including Afghanistan ,Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar, Nepal And Pakistan.

The Hindu Kush Region Of The Himalayas Could Lose Two, Thirds Of Its Glaciers By 2100 If Global Efforts To Limit Global Warming To Below 2’c Above Pre-Industrial Levels Fail.

The Melting Of Glaciers Can Have Grave Consequences For More Than 250 Million People Living In The Hazard-Prone Mountain Region And 1.65 Billion Others Living In The River Valleys Downstream. The Poor Will Be Hit The Hardest.

The Most Drastic Ripple Effect Will Be On The Rivers Of South Asia, Hitting Them The Hardest Because Of Projected Reduction In Pre- Monsoon River Flows And Will Affect The Urban  Water Systems And Food And Energy Production In The Plains.

The Ice Melt In The Region Could Lead To A Surge Of Glacier Run-Off Into Major Rivers, Including The Indus, Ganges And Brahmaputra, Which Could Lead To Flooding And Destruction Of Crops. The Indus To Flooding And Destruction Of Crops. The Indus Could  Witness More Stream Flow Due To High Glacial Till 2050, After Which The Flow Would Start Reducing Due To Decreasing Glacial Melt.

Forced Migration Could Occur With An Increase In The Incidence And Magnitude Of Extreme Events Such As Floods.

The Warming Has Been Exacerbated By Air Pollutants, Coming From The Indo-Gang tic Plain, Which Is One of The World’s Most Polluted Regions .These Pollutants Deposit Black Carbon On The Glaciers, Hastening Their Melting And Changing Monsoon Circulation And Rainfall Distribution Over Asia.

International Centre For Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD)

The International Centre For Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) Is A Regional Intergovernmental Learning And Knowledge Sharing Centre.

Globalization And Climate Change Have An Increasing Influence On The Stability Of Fragile Mountain Ecosystems And The Livelihoods Of Mountain People. ICIMOD Aims To Assist Mountain And Make The Most Of New Opportunities While Addressing Upstream-Downstream Issues.

It Has Eight Regional Member Countries Of The Hindu Kush Himalaya-Afghanistan ,Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar ,Nepal And Pakistan.

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