For All Defence Aspirants GSAT-31 Launched by ISRO- NCA ACADEMY

For All Defence Aspirants GSAT-31 Launched by ISRO- NCA ACADEMY


GSAT-31 Launched By ISRO

Indian Space And Research Organization(ISRO) Has Launched GSAT-31on Board Ariane 5 Rocket From French Guiana In South America.GSAT-31 Is India’s 40th Communication Satellite.


The GSAT 31 Will Replace The Satellites INSAT4CR And INSAT-4A Which Are Going To Expire Soon And Will Help In Maintaining Continuity Of Services Currently Provided By These Satellites.

The Satellite Will Provide Connectivity To Very Small Aperture Terminals(VSAT)For ATM,Stock Exchange,E-Governance Applications And Direct To-Home (DTH) Services.

It Will Also Provide Telecommunication Applications For Bulk Data Transfer For A Host Of Applications, Emergency Communications ,Disaster Management Support.

MarCo Cubesat

Recently, NASA Has Lost Contact With Its Two Mini-Satellites Mars Cube One (MarCo ) Named As MarCo-A And MarCo-B.

Key Points

MarCo Cubesats Were Launched Along With Insights Mission To Serve As Communication Relays During Its Mars Landing.

After Insight’s Landing These Spacecraft Were Launched Further On Their Own Trajectories To Test If Such Low-Cost Technology Can Operate In Deep Space.

All Previous Cubesats Have Orbited The Earth. MarCo Was The First Attempt To Orbit Another Planet.

What Is The Insights Mission?

NASA’s Mars Insight (Interior Exploration Using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy And Heat Transport) Probe Was On A 24-Month Mission To Study The Interior Of Mars.

Mars Insight’s Goal Is To Listen For Quakes And Tremors As A Way To Unveil The Red Planet’s Inner Mysteries.

The Mission Seeks To Answer Critical Questions About Rocky Planet Formation In The Early Days Of The Solar System.

The Insight Mission Will Bring Several Martian Firsts To Interplanetary Science, Including The First Seismometer Situated On The Surface To Detect And Analyse Waves Created By “ Marsquakes”.

With Insight, Scientists Hope To Compare Earth To Mars, And Better Understand How A Planet’s Starting Materials Make It More Or Less Likely To Support Life.

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