For All Defence Aspirants Effects Of Soil Pollution

For All Defence Aspirants Effects Of Soil Pollution

Soil Pollution

Soil Pollution Is Defined As The Addition Of Substances To The Soil ,Which Adversely Affect Physical, Chemical And Biological Properties Of Soil And Reduces Its Productivity.

Causes And Sources Of Soil Pollution

Plastic Bags

They Accumulate In Soil And Prevent Germination Of Seeds. They Stay In Soil For Centuries Without Decomposing (Non-Biodegradable).

Burning Of Plastic In Garbage Dumps Releases Highly Toxic And Poisonous Gases Like Carbon Monoxide ,Carbon Dioxide , Phosgene ,Dioxins And Other Poisonous Chlorinated Compounds.

Toxic Solid Residue Left After Burning Remains In Soil. The Harmful Gases Enter Soils Through Chemical Cycles.

Industrial Sources

They Includes Fly Ash, Metallic Residues, Mercury Lead, Copper , Zinc , Cadmium Cyanides, Thiocyanates , Chromates, Acids Alkalis, Organic Substances, Nuclear Wastes .

Large Number Of Industrial Chemicals ,Dyes Acids, Etc. Find Their Way Into The Soil And Are Known To Create Many Health Hazards Including Cancer.

Fertilizers And Manures

Excessive Use Of Chemical Fertilizers Reduces The Populations Of Soil Borne Organisms And Affect Structure Of The Soil, Productivity Of The Soil And Increase Salt Content Of The Soil.

Discarded Materials- It Includes Concrete, Asphalt ,Rungs ,Leather Cans, Plastics ,Glass ,Discarded Food, Paper And Carcasses.

Radioactive Wastes

Radioactive Elements From Mining And Nuclear Power Plants, Find Their Way Into Water And Then Into The Soil.

Other Pollutants- Many Air Pollutants (Acid Rain) And Water Pollutants Ultimately Become Part Of The Soil And The Soil Also Receives Some Toxic Chemicals During Weathering Of Certain Rocks.

Solid Wastes

Solid Wastes Or Municipal Solid Wastes Generally Comprise Paper, Food Wastes, Plastics ,Glass Metals ,Rubber ,Leather ,Textile ,Etc.

Open Burning Reduces The Volume Of The Wastes Although It Is Generally Not Burnt To Completion And Open Dumps Often Serve As The Breeding Ground For Rats And Flies.

Sanitary Landfills Were Adopted As The Substitute For Open-Burning Dumps. In A Sanitary Landfill, Wastes Are Dumped In A Depression Or Trench After Compaction ,And Covered With Dirt Every Day.

Effects Of Plastic Waste

Conventional Plastics Have Been Associated With Reproductive Problems In Humans And Wildlife. Dioxin (Highly Carcinogenic And Toxic)  By Product Of The Manufacturing Process Is One Of The Chemicals Believed To Be Passed On Through Breast Milk To The Nursing Infant.

Burning Of Plastics ,Especially PVC Releases Dioxin And Also Furan Into The Atmosphere. The Name Dioxins Is Often Used For The Family Of Structurally And Chemically Related Polychlorinated Dibenzo Para Dioxins (PCDFs) And Polychlorinated Dibenzofurans (PCDFs).

Careless Disposal Of Plastics Bags Chokes Drains Blocks The Porosity Of The Soil And Causes Problems For Groundwater Recharge.

Plastic Disturbs The Soil Microbe Activity. The Terrestrial And Aquatic Animals Misunderstand Plastic Garbage As Food Items, Swallow Them & Die.

Remedy For Plastic Waste

Polyblend Is A Fine Powder Of Recycled And Modified Plastic Waste. This Mixture Is Mixed With The Bitumen That Is Used To Lay Roads.

Blends Of Polyblend And Bitumen, When Used To Lay Roads, Enhances The Bitumen’s Water Repellent Properties ,And Helps To Increase Road Life By A Factor Of Three.


Bioremediation Is The Use Of Microorganisms (Bacteria And Fungi) To Degrade The Environmental Contaminants Into Less Toxic Forms.

The Microorganisms May Be Indigenous To A Contaminated Area Or They May Be Isolated From Elsewhere And Brought To The Contaminated Site.



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