For All Defence Aspirants Conference Of The Parties-24

For All Defence Aspirants Conference Of The Parties-24

Conference Of The Parties-24

Recently, In December 2018 The Conference Of The Parties Cop 24) In Katowice, Poland.

The Conference Was A Significant One Which Focused On Three Key Issues Including Finalization Of Guidelines/Modalities/Rules For The Implementation Or Paris Agreement ,The Conclusion Of 2018 Facilitative Talaona Dialogue And The Stock Take Of Pre-2020 Actions Implementation And Ambition.

Key Points

Rule Book: The Cop 24 Finalized A “Rulebook” To Operationalise 2015 Paris Agreement. The Rulebook Set Out How Countries Will Provide Information About Their Nationally Determined Contributions Describing Their Domestic Climate Actions, Mitigation And Adaptation Measures.

The Rulebook Covers Areas Such As How Countries Should Report Their Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Contributions To Climate Finance, What Rules Should Apply To Voluntary Market Mechanisms Such As Carbon Trading Etc.

Climate Finance: The Rulebook Has Addressed Some Concerns Related To Climate Financing Such As, Developed Nations Will Have To Provide Hard Data On The Sources Of Future Financial Flows.

Climate Finance Refers To Local ,National Or Transnational Financing -Drawn From Public Private And Alternative Sources Of Financing.

It Seeks To Support Mitigation And Adaptation Actions That Will Address Climate Change.

The UNFCCC, The Kyoto Protocol And The Paris Agreement Call For Financial Assistance From Developed Countries To Developing And Less Developed Countries In Accordance With The Principle Of “Common But Differentiated Responsibility And Respective Capabilities”.

Under Paris Agreement ,Developed Countries Have Committed To Provide $ 100 Billion Annually From 2020 For Dealing With Climate Change.

The Rulebook Describes Which Loans, Concessions And Grants Can Be Classified As Climate Finance How They Should Be Accounted For, And The Kind Of Information About Them Needed To Be Submitted.

The Modalities And Procedures For Monitoring And Progress Report System Proposal (Mpr) To (Indc) Were Also Discussed.

Issues Involved

Issue Of Equity: Provisions Did Not Reflect The Principles Of Common But Differentiated Responsibilities. Poorer Nations Vulnerable To Climate Change Also Wanted More Clarity On How An Already Agreed$100 Billion A Year Of Climate Finance By 2020 Will Be Provided.

The Principle Of Common But Differentiated Responsibilities Holds That Although All Countries Are Responsible For The Development Of Global Society,Each Has A Different Set Of Capabilities That They Can Contribute To This Project.

It Recognizes The Historical Correlation Between Higher Levels Of Development And A Greater Contribution To The Degradation Of Global Environmental Resources Y Developed Countries And Enables The Sharing Of Responsibility Accordingly.

Climate Finance: No Roadmap Adopted For The Mobilisation Of Funds Till 2020,No Specific Process Has Been Initiated For Fixing The Long Term Goals Of Finance By 2025,Which Is A Legal Mandate Of The Paris Agreement.

No Clear Guarantees Could Be Obtained From The Developed Countries To Even Report Their Financial Commitments Through An International Process.

The Language Under The Provision Related To Climate Financing Is Ambiguous Allowing Countries To Report The Value Of Loans (Which Are To Be Repaid To Lenders) As Climate Finance ,Rather Than Only The Grant Portion Of The Total.

Market Mechanism :The Conference Could Not Reach A Consensus On Voluntary Market Mechanisms. Article 6 Of The Paris Agreement Talks About Setting Up A Market Mechanism For Trading Of Carbon Emissions. An Emissions Trading System Already Exists Under The Kyoto Protocol Though It Has Become Ineffective Over The Last Few Years And Is Meant To End With The End Of Kyoto Protocol In 2020.



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